Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Omg today is 18th of January. And that means I will be 18 in 4 days' time. I am sooooo excited! Oh yeahh and here, my wish list, haha :D

1. A cool red high cut dunk shoe. Omg, I saw it at Nike and it was gorgeous. Must have! :P
2. A pair of cute Wondershoe shoe. It is a handmade shoe from Indonesia.
3. New hairstyle. (Still thinking)
4. Paris Hilton perfume. I saw it at The Zon Emporium, it is a duty free zone at KL Tower and it smells good!
5. A hello kitty necklace, the original one, not fake. Just like the one I saw in "Kimora-Life in the fab lane". I will ask my brother to buy it in Japan. Haha
6. A surprise bbq party with friends and family. ( Even I hate surprise :O )
7. A romantic dinner with Dao baby <3
A vacation with boyfriend and friends.
9. Special birthday kiss, especially from my babyboy :P
10. A lot of money, for shopping. Haha
11. Chocolate ice cream cake, yummy!

And last but not least is, I want to be a good and nice girl, to be appreciate, be a good daughter for my parents and get the best result and further study in overseas. Insyaallah :)

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