Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm in dilemma

Zahin asked me whether I'm working or not then I replied I'm not working anymore, cause I've quit my job. He already know, and I dont know why he asked me again.
After that, I received a call, it was from "Seri Angkasa". I was shocked, sape pulak ni?
Then I heard a men's voice, I recognised the voice. It was Abg Benu! (His name is Ibnu actually and he's the supervisor).
He asked me to work at Seri Angkasa back but I said I dont know yet, I have to think about it first. It's because of my friends is working there, and I cant face them because I still cant forget what has happened between us even Zatul has apologised to me. Abg Benu said, fikir fikirkanlah dua tiga hari ni. And now, I'm in dilemma. So many things I have to think before I make my decision. Honestly, I love to work there and berat hati sgt nk berhenti tp terpaksa berhenti sbb dh tk tahan dgn headwaiter yg gila! Tension!
But now, there are two problems in my mind. First, about the insane headwaiter and the second thing is, of course its because of my two friends. Since the incident, I'm starting to be careful with people and the most important is, mom said, "Jangan baik sgt dgn org". Yes, tu yg paling penting.
I still cant make the decision yet, gonna discuss with mom later.

While I was re-checking my post, my brother was in the kitchen and he sang with the most ahhnoyyying voice I've ever heard in this world. When I asked him to shut up his mouth and stop singing, he sang louder and this time, I swear to God it was really annoying okay? That time, I felt I will thank to God if I'm deaf. Okay, that was a joke cause I dont wanna be deaf :O
But I just ignored it because I know, he will do it again and again if I ask him to stop singing. And see, now he has stop making the stupid voice. Thank God!

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