Sunday, January 31, 2010

Love at first sight?

Oh I dont know why suddenly I miss our first met. Memang kelakar and sangat sweet *who cares? durr.
Actually sebelum tu dh pernah borak dgn Dao. Okay let me explain to you one by one.
Ekaa yg kenal dao dulu sbb masa tu dia ada crush dgn someone. Okay lets NOT mention his name. So ekaa borak dgn dao apa sume lah. After that, I added dao on myspace, masa tu borak mcm biasa, memang tkde feeling langsung. HAHA SORRY. Plus, he got a gf that time. But one day when he commented me, he talked about MEMINANG. Haha yesss, dao memang kelakar. Memang best borak dgn dia. Tapi seriously tkde feeling masa tu. Then plan dgn tasya zatul ekaa sume, nk keluar masa puasa (17 sept 2009). Ekaa ckp dia ajak dao jumpa. Actually dao dgn isya (my cousin) with aziq. So konon plan nk jumpa isya sekali lah. After that dh jumpa, seriously, he's damn cute. Haha sumpah jealous masa tu tasya zatul sume asyik puji ckp dia comel. Malam tu lepas berbuka, jumpa lagi. Amik gambar banyak banyak sbb masa tu bwk D90 abg ami. Since malam tu sampailah sekarang, honestly, NON STOP text dgn dao. Seminggu kenal terus couple. Sekejap sangat kan? Yaa, Ive told dao that I can accept him but I asked him to wait until SPM's over. But you know what? Its freaking long time to wait. Oh wait, let me clear things up, dao broke up with his ex before he proposed me. Then masa raya jumpa lagi, 1st date lah konon. He gave me a necklace with letter D on it. He's so sweet, aww! Masa tu terus accept dia. Haha. Dh tk sanggup nk tunggu oii. HAHA ngok. So from Sept 24th until now, we have been together for 4 months and a week.
Seriously, Iloveyousomuch. Thanks for everything. Youre my one and only boyfriend + bestfriend.
Kiss sikit HAHA gelabah :P

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