Friday, February 26, 2010

cant you see it? :(

You dont know how much I love you. You never know. You never care :'(

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I got no idea

You know why I'm updating my blog? Because I'm not going to work. Durr. It was heavy rain around 4 until 5 something and I cant go out to take the bus. At the same time, mom was not at home. She used the car and went to PJ. So I got nobody to send me. I called my mom and after that she drove home, to send me to work actually. But then when I called the outlet, kak bb said she has asked kak dayah to stay, so tk jadi lah pegi kerja. Because half an hour before that, I texted Amir to inform him, I cant go to work because it was raining heavily. So its okay. Whatever it is, I hope they are not mad at me. I'll pray for that. Its not like saje saje, but mmg tk dpt nk keluar. Hujan lebat, petir kilat semua. Sorry :'(
Because of tk jadi hantar pegi kerja, mak terus pegi mcd, belikan makanan. Woohoo! Melantak mcm org kebulur dgn mcchicken, fries, mcflurry, chicken porridge. Yummy!
Hahaha thanks for reading :)

i love you, you love me, i miss you, you miss me

Its been two weeks I didnt meet my baby. I miss him so badly :'(  We're too busy and plus, we didnt have money to go out. Haha tkpe, nanti Dao gaji :P
Today supposed to be my off day but the manager asked me to work so yeah, I'm going to work for closing. At first, I'm planning to go out with Ekaa, but then I have to work and suddenly Ekaa got sick. She's having fever so plan has to be cancel. Durr -,-
I'm getting bored of my life, started to miss school. I miss to go camping with Seraya Police Cadet Team, to join marching, to win the first place in marching, to wear the uniform with the rank of Sergeant. Ohmygoddd, I miss all of them. And not to forget, my English teacher + penasihat kadet polis, Teacher Marziah. Duhh, I miss her lah ! She is pretty and kind you know? 
I still remember my first time joined the police cadet, it was 2006, I was in form 2. And that was my first time joined the camping. We were not joining the marching competition because we dont really know how to march. But we started marching on July or August I think, we joined our school marching competition and won the second place I think. On the next year, we joined the camping, held by IPPD Ampang Jaya, 10 girls and 10 boys per school. That was the first time we joined marching and you know what, we won the FIRST PLACE ! The girls, won the first place for the first time joining the marching competition, ISNT THAT GREAT?? Our school must be proud of us :D The second time we joined, we won second place and its kinda sad :'( But last year, because of it was our LAST year in school, we started to work harder and again, we won the FIRST PLACE. It was the sweetest memory ever in Seraya. But before that, in February or March, we had joined the marching competition held by PPD Hulu Langat and won the third place for the category government organization (GO).
I also got experienced for shoot competition, I joined it twice, also held by IPPD Hulu Langat. Even I'm not a good shooter, but its okay, at least I got so many experience, better than you right? Hahah. What makes I miss school is because I miss Cadet Police Team. Bukan nk kata apa, but we're the one who work harder to raise the name of Cadet Police Team, because before that, semuanya zaman kegemilangan Kadet Bomba dgn KRS then tkde yg bertanggungjawab, thats why dh jatuh. Mula dgn Aibot, dia yg berusaha naikkan kadet polis, then after that, dia bg tanggungjawab dkt Yong pulak. Kitaorg btol btol minat so thats why kitaorg buat btol btol. Yong, Fifi, and aku yg kekal dlm team dr start kitaorg masuk, yg lain byk org baru. Fateha, Kak Yuhanis, Azimah, Hatek, Shasha, Aliah, Wala, antara yg pernah join kawad. Semuanya berkorban, berlatih tgh panas sampai muka berbelang, tp berbaloi jgk sbb menang. Hahaha, rezeki rezeki. Tp team lelaki, tkde yg btol btol bole harap, so agak jatuh lah. Tahun ni tktau mcm mana, harap harap Fateha yg jd pewaris tu bole buat btol btol. Chayok chayok!
I also joined the netball team, started from 2008. I was the GS (goal shooter) but simpanan lah. It was kinda interesting to joined co-curricular you know? Especially in the sport or team that youre interested in. But I hate athletics, because I cant run. Like I told you before, I walked faster than run. Haha because I dont have the stamina. Its was so many memories in school, but I'm kinda have to write for a book, I have to be a writer to tell you all about them. Haha
So I gtg. Bye bye

Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm a trainee lah babe ;-(

Today I work from 11 until 5. Its the middle shift. And I think I started to feel bored and fedup with my job. Have you ever be a new kids? Trainee? Freshie? Or something like that. Senang cerita, org baru lah babe. Dh tu mesti lah kt tempat baru ni kita tk berapa nk tahu kan? Byk benda kita tk tahu nk buat, itu ini semua. Tp org lain assume mcm kita dh tahu apa nk buat. Padahal kita tktahu, so apa rasanya? Bengang ke tk bengang? Urghh!
Okay actually its like this, my job is to make the ice blended and at the same time, buat lah hot drinks apa semua. Tp masalahnya, hot drinks tu belum expert lagi. Yelah, mcm belum catch up lah. Mcm ice blended tu agak expert lah jgk, even buat agak slow sikit -,- But thats why lah org kata practise makes perfect right? Sbb selalu buat ice blended, thats why lah agak expert but then hot drinks dgn ice tea semua jarang buat, slalu staff lain yg buat then benda tu agak complicated, thats why lah mcm lambat catch up. Tp ada pulak sorang staff tu assume mcm aku tahu semua. Haishh bengang betul lah. Padahal kau tahu aku trainee en. Kau masa trainee dulu pun bangang gak mcm aku. Dh tu aku tktahu buatlah aku tanya, then kau nk bising bising. Bingit ahh. Ish!
Benda mcm ni lah yg buat kerja jadi tk best tahu tk? Rasa mcm nk quit je, tp sabar jelah en. Nanti ada training pulak, 3 hari pulak tu. Tktahu bila tp Amir ckp bulan 3, maknanya ada lebih kurang seminggu je lg nk expert semua benda. Yelah masa training dia suruh buat air semua kot, kalau tk dpt, menggelabah lah. Dh lah hot drinks tk expert lg. Kalau fail, tk bole kerja kot. Duhh. Staff yg lain semua okay, semuanya bila tanya, ajar relax je. Yg dia ni pulak, bila tanya, dgn muka kereknya dia jawab. Dia kata ajar skali je. Mana bole ajar skali je? Dia ingat aku ni robot ke ada memory card dlm kepala, skali buat bole save. Aduhaiii.
Tolonglah faham. Haihh. Dlm hati sbnrnya agak sedih lah jgk tp kata pun baru belajar en, tanamlah kesabaran tu banyak banyak.
Tgh taip ni tiba tiba Anis text, dia kata 28 February ni result SPM sampai kt jabatan then result keluar 16 March, hari Selasa. Entah betul ke tak, tktahu lah. Cuak jgk. Harap harap dpt apa yg target, insyaallah. Dia suruh forward pulak, but Im outta credit. Sorry friends. Haha.
Thats all. Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I got no title for this

Hello everyone! Today is my forth day working at Coffee Bean, in the morning shift with Kak Bibi and Kak Dayah. I reached Sg Wang around 9.15, mom sent me to Bukit Bintang. There's nothing much to do. Actually there's things to do but tktau sangat sebenarnya. Kak Bibi ajar sikit sikit je.
Customer tk ramai sangat, but not bad lah. Amir arrived around 11, he got his thypoid injection. Urghh, Im so scared to get the injection. But its a must.
I still dont go to Hong Leong to make an account, I dont know when, I'm so lazyyy. But how can I get my salary if I dont do it? Hahaha stupid. Maybe tomorrow I will go to the bank. Hmm.
Oh yaa, the boss came to the outlet, he's a big Chinese man. I'm so scared at first but I think he's okay lah. You know what I scared most? I still cant greet customer! Ohmygoddd, my mouth is so heavy to greet the customer. Its kinda segan you know? But I'm trying, its not like I cant do it at all -,- Amir has told me that I must greet the customer especially in front of the boss, kalau tk nanti dia bising.
Tadi dia tanya, "Fira pernah kerja Seri Angkasa?" Then I said yes. After that he asked me, "Fira mixed ke?" Then I said, yes, nenek saya Cina. He asked me whether I can speak Chinese language and I said I cant. Dia tanya lagi, tk sambut CNY ke? Haha :P
After that Kak Bibi told me that he said I'm sooo quiet. Haha kan btol apa Amir ckp? Sabar yea boss, I'm trying lah ni. Duhh. Sebelum balik tadi Ellyn dgn Fagheera dtg, sebok je budak budak tu :P  Tadi ada kek wasted, royal chocolate cake. Ingat nk bwk balik tp bg jelah kt diaorg, ada dua potong, kongsi lah yea.
Thats all for today, thanks for reading :)

The Coffee Bean & The Leaf

Sorry for not updating my blog since I was at my hometown from 14th until 15th of February.
Lets start from Saturday, 13th of February. My second day at Coffee Bean was great, Nabil was funny, and Abg P'e, my manager was a nice man. They teach me a lots of things. But it was CNY night so a lots of shop in Sg Wang were closed, so we closed our shop at 9.30 since there was no customer. Oh-oh, that day I got "mandi susu". Haha know why? Because the skim milk pour out on me, but not too much cause I wore the apron. Its started when I took the skim milk and then the cover fell on the floor, so I think I want to wash it. But then I forgot, I opened the door of the blender cupboard, and the milk pour out. Thank God Im wearing apron. Hahaha so clumsy -____-"
I was off on Sunday and Monday so I followed my family to our hometown. Anis also there, she followed Abg Kamarul's family. We were having so much fun at our kampung in Kuala Pilah. Faresha and Ellyn test driving at the Seri Menanti field, we "membahan" Faresha with this kampung guy, Abg Zaidi. Hahaha it was kinda sweet and funny tho :P
We are not going to Melaka since I have to work today, so we cant make it.
Today I work from 5.30 until 10.30 with Kak Sally and Abg Fadhil. Fadhil was okay, he teach me things that I dont know how to do. And I took a tuna puff, its kinda delicious. Yummy! So far, everyone's okay. Tomorrow I will work from 9.30 until 2.30. It is opening wehhh! With Kak Dayah and Kak Bibi. I have no experience working with them so I hope thay are okay. Im kinda nervous tho. Grrr.
I will be going to work with my mom. Have to wake up early. Urghh! Wish me luck for tomorrow, err today!
Thanks for reading, see you! :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Everything was pretty fine

Yesterday was my first day working at Coffee Bean. I start working at 6.30 until 10.30pm.
My first day was okay, I learned how to make ice blended, there were many types of them. Mocha, Ultimate Mocha, Pure Double Chocolate and so on. There were many people wants mocha ice blended so now I'm expert. Haha :D
I learned how to put the cream on top of the drinks, how to make drizzle, and the flower decoration.
But I still dont know how to make coffee, tea, espresso, cappucino and yg sewaktu dengannya. And I still dont remember their food name such as spicy chicken pie and so on. Kata pun baru first day kan? Chill lah :P
Oh-oh, I also dont know how to take order. I dont know how to use the touch screen thing at the cashier counter. I'm all blugghhh *sigh
Give me at least 2 weeks to catch up all things there okay?
Closing was a little bit complicated sbb Amir lambat start. And me, I dont know anything, and Amir has to teach me. But around 10.20 pm, we were done and I walked from Sg Wang to Hang Tuah, to take LRT to Cempaka. Mom fetch me. My leg was killing me, because I'm not working and just stayed home almost 3 weeks, so when I start working, my leg starts to hurt and lenguh. Durr -,-
Today Amir's off so I have to stay until closing with a senior, Nabil. I dont know him because his not there yesterday. So I hope he's okay and can teach me when its closing time. Because there are so many things to do and I only learned a little bit.
I'm off on Sunday and Monday so will be back to hometown in Kuala Pilah with family and off to Melaka perhaps.
So thats all from me. Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yipeee :D

I'm healthy now, get well from fever yesterday. Alhamdulillah. And today went to Sg Wang, to Coffee Bean, applied for a job.
The manager gave me the form, I filled it and he asked me about my working experience and told everything about Coffee Bean. He asked me when can I start working and I said ASAP. And WOWW ! I got the job! Haha so I will start working tomorrow, at 6.30 until 10.30. He said usually new staff will temporarily work for 4 to 5 hours daily. Nevermind, at least I got a job than do nothing at home. But Im a little kind of nervous. I dont know, maybe because Im a FRESHMEAT. Gahahaha :DD
Actually, it was recommended by Amir Farhan, my ex classmate. He said there's vacancy and asked me to try.
He has been working there for a month. Thank you Amir :)
Oh-oh, and you know what? I have to get THYPOID injection. Durrrrr Im kinda scared ! Hahaha.
Wish me luck for my new job, hopefully the other staff are okay and everything's gonna be alright.
Thats all, thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I hate medicine :'(

Two days ago, I mean Sunday. Suddenly I got headache, and it was very bad. I cant bear it. I tried to sleep in the evening but an hour later I woke up and its still not heal. I tried to sleep again, but I cant. I swear to God, my headache was very very bad. I asked my mom to massage my hand, I dont know, but thats petua org tua. And after that, it started to heal. I slept at 1.30 but I woke up around 5 and I cant resume sleep. My body was hot, I mean Im having fever. My head hurts like hell. Around 9, on yesterday, mom accompany me to the clinic. The doctor took my body temperature and asked me if Im having sore throat, flu or body pain. He said, its dengue season, so he asked me to take blood test if I still had fever 3 to 4 days more. He gave me antibiotics and ubat demam. Oh I hate antibiotics, I hate the taste. But what medicine are tasty? No medicine are tasty. If theyre tasty, people dont call them MEDICINE. Am I right?
Mom drove to McD since I asked her to buy 2 large chicken porridge. Saje beli extra, buat kuat makan. Get it huh?
Hmm and today, I feel better. Thats why Im updating my blog. Okay?
Thats all. Thanks for spending your time reading my broken english blog, dont get mad, Im still learning :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New babyyyy


Can you see the pictures above? Awww, thats my new Nike dunk hi skinny in red. Gorgeous aitee? I know that youre getting jealous of me because I own them. I finished my money to buy them, oh-oh Im totally broke! But who cares right? 
And that Roxy black rainbow purse, the one Dao gave to me. Ohmyyyy, I love it! Thank you so much sayangggg. Iloveyou <3
And the second picture was last night, I tried with my new tshirt and Ekaa's black skinny jeans. So what do you think? Hahahah. Sorry for the bad quality pictures.
Thanks for readingggg

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Last night Tasya texted me, asked me to hangout with them today. And then she asked me to bring Dao along. So just now, I met Dao. He arrived Pavilion first, and he asked me not to be fast, ada surprise katanya. I met him at the entrance and we sat for awhile, he asked me to close my eyes and gave him my hand. He put something on my palm and when I opened my eyes, there's a Roxy plastic bag. And when I open it, I saw a Roxy black rainbow purse. It was the one I looked at Roxy Pavilion last Tuesday. That day, I entered Roxy and I saw the purse, I show him, smile and said Lawa kan? It doesnt bring any meaning. I didnt expect he will buy it for me. I was surprised and then I asked him,

F : Why did you buy this for me? My Roxy purse is still in good condition.
D :  I really want to buy this for you. I know you want it when you first saw it a few days ago.
F : Yaa I want it but I am not gila gila want it. Why did you finished your money to buy this?
D : Its okay lah, you love me or not?
F : Of course I love you.
D : Then just take it. I bought this for you because you said your purse has damaged. Its also your birthday present. Happy belated birthday sayang.
F : But mine still in good condition lahh. Thank you sayang :)

Baby, youre so sweet lahh. Thank you so much sayang! Yaa, I know Dao also like it when we first saw it, thats why he bought it for me. Including the purse, he has gave me 3 presents for my birthday. Dao said, tk puaslah tk bg banyak banyak hahaha :P
Then we went to Nike and bought the Nike dunk hi skinny in red, just like in my previous post. I bought size 7.5 and finished RM359. Wtfish?! Then only RM70 left in my purse. Haha.
After that we went to Carls Jr since Dao wants to eat burger. Then pusing pusing tktau nk buat apa. Met Fifi Elyana, my schoolmate, she worked at Dome Pavilion. She asked me, Dh beli kasut tu? Haha that shows that she read my blog! Thanks Fifi :)
After that we went to BB Plaza to buy some tshirts for me, it was 3 for RM70 but I got 3 for RM65 :P
Then I only got RM6 in my purse?! Hahaha what a shopaholic?
Went to McD to eat ice cream and menghilangkan penat, kaki dh sakit :S
While waiting gor Zatul and Tasya near BB Bistro, we saw Alisya (Lola) and Yaz, which is my cousins. We chat for awhile. And oh-oh, Dao said Alisya's getting fat. Haha yeah, youre a little bit chubby :P
Met Zatul, Tasya and Zatul's friend from Melaka, Nazrin around. Lepaking at Starbucks and went home an hour after that.
Only me and Dao, because Zatul and Tasya wants to go back around 9. Walked from BB to Hang Tuah, met Lin (Fazlina), also my schoolmate, she worked at Secret Recipe at Amoda, near Times Square overbridge. Chat for awhile, asking her if there's any vacancy. On my way back home, she texted me, she said there's vacancy at Secret Recipe Times Square. She asked me to meet her manager there, for interview maybe. I said I will, on the other day :)
Reached home around one hour later. Keep trying my new shoes with the new tshirts. Haha super excited :D
To Dao, sorry for my behaviour, I wont do it again k. Im so sorry :'(

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Omg omg omg !!!

I search at google just now, to find the Nike dunk hi skinny like the one I tried a fortnight ago. And finally, I found it! The best part is, I also found them in gold colour. Gila gempak sialll. Duhh. But the red one is still the best, I want it I want it! Grrrr. I called them "Gempak" because they are metallic leathers and they have glittered side panels. I really want it! Can you give me RM359? :'(

Facts about me :)

1. I dont wear high heels, even wedges. Its not comfortable to me.
2. I love flat shoes. Its kinda cute and comfortable.
3. I dont wear lipstick, it makes my lips dry.
4. I dont like to eat fish, maybe sometimes, but only certain of them. Im choosy.
5. I hardly smile at boys, especially if I dont know them.
6. I love chicken so so much! Especially chicken wing and drumstick. Yummy!
7. I dont smoke, I hate the smell of it.
8. I really care about my hair, its my identity :)
9. I am hot tempered person. So, beware :O
10. I used to be the tallest girl among my friends when I was 7-9. But now, theyre taller than me. Pfftt
11. I want to be a model, a supermodel. Thats my dream since I was a kid.
12. I dont like sushi. I hate oyster, I hate sting ray, its disgusting. Eeww
13. I hate when people ask me again and again to do something. Just be patient, I'll do it sucker.
14. I cannot sleep without pillow, I cannot sleep if I dont brush my teeth. 
15. I cannot survive without my hankerchief. I sneeze easily.
16. I love cadbury crunchie and chocolate with hazelnut.
17. I hate lizard, eww eww ewwwww
18. Eyeliner is my thing, I love to wear liquid eyeliner.
19. I hate seeing people who backstab me, I'll hate you till death.
20. I love chocolate ice cream cake.
21. I love babyyyy, cute baby, chubby. I can kiss them again and again.
22. I love seeing girls with long hair, pretty hair. Im so jealous with them, I want long hair!
23. I love hot pants, I dislike mini skirt.
24. I always need RM200+
25. I love to work at fashion department, I dislike working at restaurant. Durr
26. I dont like seeing my sister wearing my things. Cause I bought them using my own money.
27. I dont like to tie my hair.
28. I love watching horror movie but I always imagine that theyre haunting me in my own house!
29. I hate crowded places.
30. I love english and geography, and I hate math.
31. I wear vaseline every night before I go to sleep.
32. I love cats but Im allergic of their fur, and also dust. I will get flu.
33. I bring my comb everytime I go out.
34. I feel lost if I left my handphone.
35. I dont like hardcore song, I can get headache.
36. I like large handbag.
37. I cry easily.
38. I walk faster than I run. Haha weird.
39. I dont drink, I hate the smell of those alcoholic drink.
40. I dislike clubbing.
41. I sleep early.
42. My handwriting is lean.
43. I have small boobs :D
44. I dont like showing off my boobs cause I hate when people staring them.
45. I cant sleep too long, I will get headache.
46. I need bigger eyes. Can I?
47. Its hard to find clothes that can fit my body, sometimes S is still big.
48. I have period cramp on every 1st day of period, and its very bad.
49. I love when my boyfriend kiss me on my cheek.
50. Im not easily get close with people.
51. I get nervous easily.
52. I rarely wear bright colour shirt because my underarm sweats easily.
53. I hate pimple, theyre my enemy.
54. I hate seeing people fighting until bleeding, its fearful!
55. I cant look at the body of person who got killed in an accident or something like that. Its nauseate!
56. I hate earthworm, I will envisage it at my food.
57. I hate body odour. Is it hard to take bath and use deodorant?
58. Im scared of thunder.
59. I always daydreaming. :P
60. I am selfish. So who cares?

Thats all I think, its long enough. Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Its a boys and girls' day out :D

Yesterday I went to KL to meet my baby. He wants to shop because he just got his salary for January. Yeay! Hahah. He bought 3 shirts at Sg Wang then we walked to Pavilion and had Carls Jr for our lunch. Dao ordered Famous Star burger and I ordered Jumbo Chili Dog. It was great! Then Farris, Muz, Fika, Zul And Ariff joined us. But me and dao had finished our meals. Sorry :P
Opps! Dao didnt finished his burger and he gave it to Ariff. Haha. I was already fulled.
After that borak borak then semua buat hal masing masing. Me and dao continue our plan, it was shopping!
We went to Cotton On and Forever 21 but I was not interested in any clothes. I found this jeans at F21, dark grey in colour, it suits me but I didnt buy it because I only brought RM200+ and the jeans costs RM139. But I still have RM300 more, it is at home =,=  And I will get my last salary which is RM140 more but yesterday I was so lazy to walk to KL Tower. Hmm.
We walked to Sg Wang and went to Romp and I found this jeans, only RM79.90. So I just, bought it lahh. Hahah.
Then we went to KenWest, which is the same as Romp and Dao bought a black jacket. Its nice to me :)
On our way back to Pavilion, we found The Under Shop and Dao was interested in their Renoma boxer. So he decided to buy it. At the Pavilion entrance, Farris called me, we met him there. I said, "Ni yg penting ni, (sambil tunjuk plastik Under Shop)", and Farris said "Tkde kerja shopping spender". Hahaha.
The three of us decided to watch Tooth Fairy at 6.10pm. Only the three of us because Muz, Fika, Ariff and Zul have to go back early. While waiting for the movie, we went to Nike and I saw the red dunk hi shoe, the one I tried when I first saw it about two weeks ago and its still there and I think I must have it, its much better than the Creative Recreation shoe. After that I went to Stadium and saw this Reebok, just like the one I saw in It costs RM329 while Nike is RM359. I think I must have the Nike dunk because it is much much better than Reebok. Beza harga pun tk jauh. Hmm.
Oh-oh, the movie was funny and bodoh bodoh. Hahaha. After watching Tooth Fairy, we went home by the train while Farris ride his motorcycle. I am still not satisfy because I didnt get any clothes. Durr. Haaa.
Thats all, thanks for reading my broken english blog :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Flat shoes for junkie !

Just now, I ordered two pairs of flat shoes from Wondershoe. Ive been waiting for two weeks to order because they were temporarily closed for some reasons. And will be open their order TODAY ! The confirmation has been sent to my email. And all I have to do is just PAY. But when I was waiting for my turn at CIMB bank, mom said she can ask her boss' daughter to buy the shoe because she stayed in Indonesia. Or mom said dia bole mintak tolong menantu Tan Sri or agent org gaji utk belikan sbb diaorg selalu ulang alik Malaysia-Indonesia. And lepastu tadi tk jadilah nk transfer duit. Sbb kalau beli online, diaorg convert to usd. Dari IDR 135000 (RM48+) jadi US$ 15 sepasang kasut. Tk termasuk shipping lagi. Td total dh US$ 52 = RM177.48. Tapi bank charge lain, dia convert jadi RM185+. Oh wtfuck? Mahal gila okay? Then tk jadilah bayar. Nanti pesan dkt org jelah kasut tu. Sbb store Wondershoe ada dkt Jakarta Barat, Surabaya, Makassar, Bandung, Malang, and Semarang. Cant wait for the shoes! Its kinda cute tho :P