Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Coffee Bean & The Leaf

Sorry for not updating my blog since I was at my hometown from 14th until 15th of February.
Lets start from Saturday, 13th of February. My second day at Coffee Bean was great, Nabil was funny, and Abg P'e, my manager was a nice man. They teach me a lots of things. But it was CNY night so a lots of shop in Sg Wang were closed, so we closed our shop at 9.30 since there was no customer. Oh-oh, that day I got "mandi susu". Haha know why? Because the skim milk pour out on me, but not too much cause I wore the apron. Its started when I took the skim milk and then the cover fell on the floor, so I think I want to wash it. But then I forgot, I opened the door of the blender cupboard, and the milk pour out. Thank God Im wearing apron. Hahaha so clumsy -____-"
I was off on Sunday and Monday so I followed my family to our hometown. Anis also there, she followed Abg Kamarul's family. We were having so much fun at our kampung in Kuala Pilah. Faresha and Ellyn test driving at the Seri Menanti field, we "membahan" Faresha with this kampung guy, Abg Zaidi. Hahaha it was kinda sweet and funny tho :P
We are not going to Melaka since I have to work today, so we cant make it.
Today I work from 5.30 until 10.30 with Kak Sally and Abg Fadhil. Fadhil was okay, he teach me things that I dont know how to do. And I took a tuna puff, its kinda delicious. Yummy! So far, everyone's okay. Tomorrow I will work from 9.30 until 2.30. It is opening wehhh! With Kak Dayah and Kak Bibi. I have no experience working with them so I hope thay are okay. Im kinda nervous tho. Grrr.
I will be going to work with my mom. Have to wake up early. Urghh! Wish me luck for tomorrow, err today!
Thanks for reading, see you! :)

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