Saturday, February 13, 2010

Everything was pretty fine

Yesterday was my first day working at Coffee Bean. I start working at 6.30 until 10.30pm.
My first day was okay, I learned how to make ice blended, there were many types of them. Mocha, Ultimate Mocha, Pure Double Chocolate and so on. There were many people wants mocha ice blended so now I'm expert. Haha :D
I learned how to put the cream on top of the drinks, how to make drizzle, and the flower decoration.
But I still dont know how to make coffee, tea, espresso, cappucino and yg sewaktu dengannya. And I still dont remember their food name such as spicy chicken pie and so on. Kata pun baru first day kan? Chill lah :P
Oh-oh, I also dont know how to take order. I dont know how to use the touch screen thing at the cashier counter. I'm all blugghhh *sigh
Give me at least 2 weeks to catch up all things there okay?
Closing was a little bit complicated sbb Amir lambat start. And me, I dont know anything, and Amir has to teach me. But around 10.20 pm, we were done and I walked from Sg Wang to Hang Tuah, to take LRT to Cempaka. Mom fetch me. My leg was killing me, because I'm not working and just stayed home almost 3 weeks, so when I start working, my leg starts to hurt and lenguh. Durr -,-
Today Amir's off so I have to stay until closing with a senior, Nabil. I dont know him because his not there yesterday. So I hope he's okay and can teach me when its closing time. Because there are so many things to do and I only learned a little bit.
I'm off on Sunday and Monday so will be back to hometown in Kuala Pilah with family and off to Melaka perhaps.
So thats all from me. Thanks for reading :)

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