Thursday, February 4, 2010

Facts about me :)

1. I dont wear high heels, even wedges. Its not comfortable to me.
2. I love flat shoes. Its kinda cute and comfortable.
3. I dont wear lipstick, it makes my lips dry.
4. I dont like to eat fish, maybe sometimes, but only certain of them. Im choosy.
5. I hardly smile at boys, especially if I dont know them.
6. I love chicken so so much! Especially chicken wing and drumstick. Yummy!
7. I dont smoke, I hate the smell of it.
8. I really care about my hair, its my identity :)
9. I am hot tempered person. So, beware :O
10. I used to be the tallest girl among my friends when I was 7-9. But now, theyre taller than me. Pfftt
11. I want to be a model, a supermodel. Thats my dream since I was a kid.
12. I dont like sushi. I hate oyster, I hate sting ray, its disgusting. Eeww
13. I hate when people ask me again and again to do something. Just be patient, I'll do it sucker.
14. I cannot sleep without pillow, I cannot sleep if I dont brush my teeth. 
15. I cannot survive without my hankerchief. I sneeze easily.
16. I love cadbury crunchie and chocolate with hazelnut.
17. I hate lizard, eww eww ewwwww
18. Eyeliner is my thing, I love to wear liquid eyeliner.
19. I hate seeing people who backstab me, I'll hate you till death.
20. I love chocolate ice cream cake.
21. I love babyyyy, cute baby, chubby. I can kiss them again and again.
22. I love seeing girls with long hair, pretty hair. Im so jealous with them, I want long hair!
23. I love hot pants, I dislike mini skirt.
24. I always need RM200+
25. I love to work at fashion department, I dislike working at restaurant. Durr
26. I dont like seeing my sister wearing my things. Cause I bought them using my own money.
27. I dont like to tie my hair.
28. I love watching horror movie but I always imagine that theyre haunting me in my own house!
29. I hate crowded places.
30. I love english and geography, and I hate math.
31. I wear vaseline every night before I go to sleep.
32. I love cats but Im allergic of their fur, and also dust. I will get flu.
33. I bring my comb everytime I go out.
34. I feel lost if I left my handphone.
35. I dont like hardcore song, I can get headache.
36. I like large handbag.
37. I cry easily.
38. I walk faster than I run. Haha weird.
39. I dont drink, I hate the smell of those alcoholic drink.
40. I dislike clubbing.
41. I sleep early.
42. My handwriting is lean.
43. I have small boobs :D
44. I dont like showing off my boobs cause I hate when people staring them.
45. I cant sleep too long, I will get headache.
46. I need bigger eyes. Can I?
47. Its hard to find clothes that can fit my body, sometimes S is still big.
48. I have period cramp on every 1st day of period, and its very bad.
49. I love when my boyfriend kiss me on my cheek.
50. Im not easily get close with people.
51. I get nervous easily.
52. I rarely wear bright colour shirt because my underarm sweats easily.
53. I hate pimple, theyre my enemy.
54. I hate seeing people fighting until bleeding, its fearful!
55. I cant look at the body of person who got killed in an accident or something like that. Its nauseate!
56. I hate earthworm, I will envisage it at my food.
57. I hate body odour. Is it hard to take bath and use deodorant?
58. Im scared of thunder.
59. I always daydreaming. :P
60. I am selfish. So who cares?

Thats all I think, its long enough. Thanks for reading :)

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