Monday, February 1, 2010

Flat shoes for junkie !

Just now, I ordered two pairs of flat shoes from Wondershoe. Ive been waiting for two weeks to order because they were temporarily closed for some reasons. And will be open their order TODAY ! The confirmation has been sent to my email. And all I have to do is just PAY. But when I was waiting for my turn at CIMB bank, mom said she can ask her boss' daughter to buy the shoe because she stayed in Indonesia. Or mom said dia bole mintak tolong menantu Tan Sri or agent org gaji utk belikan sbb diaorg selalu ulang alik Malaysia-Indonesia. And lepastu tadi tk jadilah nk transfer duit. Sbb kalau beli online, diaorg convert to usd. Dari IDR 135000 (RM48+) jadi US$ 15 sepasang kasut. Tk termasuk shipping lagi. Td total dh US$ 52 = RM177.48. Tapi bank charge lain, dia convert jadi RM185+. Oh wtfuck? Mahal gila okay? Then tk jadilah bayar. Nanti pesan dkt org jelah kasut tu. Sbb store Wondershoe ada dkt Jakarta Barat, Surabaya, Makassar, Bandung, Malang, and Semarang. Cant wait for the shoes! Its kinda cute tho :P

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