Sunday, February 21, 2010

I got no idea

You know why I'm updating my blog? Because I'm not going to work. Durr. It was heavy rain around 4 until 5 something and I cant go out to take the bus. At the same time, mom was not at home. She used the car and went to PJ. So I got nobody to send me. I called my mom and after that she drove home, to send me to work actually. But then when I called the outlet, kak bb said she has asked kak dayah to stay, so tk jadi lah pegi kerja. Because half an hour before that, I texted Amir to inform him, I cant go to work because it was raining heavily. So its okay. Whatever it is, I hope they are not mad at me. I'll pray for that. Its not like saje saje, but mmg tk dpt nk keluar. Hujan lebat, petir kilat semua. Sorry :'(
Because of tk jadi hantar pegi kerja, mak terus pegi mcd, belikan makanan. Woohoo! Melantak mcm org kebulur dgn mcchicken, fries, mcflurry, chicken porridge. Yummy!
Hahaha thanks for reading :)

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