Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I got no title for this

Hello everyone! Today is my forth day working at Coffee Bean, in the morning shift with Kak Bibi and Kak Dayah. I reached Sg Wang around 9.15, mom sent me to Bukit Bintang. There's nothing much to do. Actually there's things to do but tktau sangat sebenarnya. Kak Bibi ajar sikit sikit je.
Customer tk ramai sangat, but not bad lah. Amir arrived around 11, he got his thypoid injection. Urghh, Im so scared to get the injection. But its a must.
I still dont go to Hong Leong to make an account, I dont know when, I'm so lazyyy. But how can I get my salary if I dont do it? Hahaha stupid. Maybe tomorrow I will go to the bank. Hmm.
Oh yaa, the boss came to the outlet, he's a big Chinese man. I'm so scared at first but I think he's okay lah. You know what I scared most? I still cant greet customer! Ohmygoddd, my mouth is so heavy to greet the customer. Its kinda segan you know? But I'm trying, its not like I cant do it at all -,- Amir has told me that I must greet the customer especially in front of the boss, kalau tk nanti dia bising.
Tadi dia tanya, "Fira pernah kerja Seri Angkasa?" Then I said yes. After that he asked me, "Fira mixed ke?" Then I said, yes, nenek saya Cina. He asked me whether I can speak Chinese language and I said I cant. Dia tanya lagi, tk sambut CNY ke? Haha :P
After that Kak Bibi told me that he said I'm sooo quiet. Haha kan btol apa Amir ckp? Sabar yea boss, I'm trying lah ni. Duhh. Sebelum balik tadi Ellyn dgn Fagheera dtg, sebok je budak budak tu :P  Tadi ada kek wasted, royal chocolate cake. Ingat nk bwk balik tp bg jelah kt diaorg, ada dua potong, kongsi lah yea.
Thats all for today, thanks for reading :)

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