Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I hate medicine :'(

Two days ago, I mean Sunday. Suddenly I got headache, and it was very bad. I cant bear it. I tried to sleep in the evening but an hour later I woke up and its still not heal. I tried to sleep again, but I cant. I swear to God, my headache was very very bad. I asked my mom to massage my hand, I dont know, but thats petua org tua. And after that, it started to heal. I slept at 1.30 but I woke up around 5 and I cant resume sleep. My body was hot, I mean Im having fever. My head hurts like hell. Around 9, on yesterday, mom accompany me to the clinic. The doctor took my body temperature and asked me if Im having sore throat, flu or body pain. He said, its dengue season, so he asked me to take blood test if I still had fever 3 to 4 days more. He gave me antibiotics and ubat demam. Oh I hate antibiotics, I hate the taste. But what medicine are tasty? No medicine are tasty. If theyre tasty, people dont call them MEDICINE. Am I right?
Mom drove to McD since I asked her to buy 2 large chicken porridge. Saje beli extra, buat kuat makan. Get it huh?
Hmm and today, I feel better. Thats why Im updating my blog. Okay?
Thats all. Thanks for spending your time reading my broken english blog, dont get mad, Im still learning :)

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