Sunday, February 21, 2010

i love you, you love me, i miss you, you miss me

Its been two weeks I didnt meet my baby. I miss him so badly :'(  We're too busy and plus, we didnt have money to go out. Haha tkpe, nanti Dao gaji :P
Today supposed to be my off day but the manager asked me to work so yeah, I'm going to work for closing. At first, I'm planning to go out with Ekaa, but then I have to work and suddenly Ekaa got sick. She's having fever so plan has to be cancel. Durr -,-
I'm getting bored of my life, started to miss school. I miss to go camping with Seraya Police Cadet Team, to join marching, to win the first place in marching, to wear the uniform with the rank of Sergeant. Ohmygoddd, I miss all of them. And not to forget, my English teacher + penasihat kadet polis, Teacher Marziah. Duhh, I miss her lah ! She is pretty and kind you know? 
I still remember my first time joined the police cadet, it was 2006, I was in form 2. And that was my first time joined the camping. We were not joining the marching competition because we dont really know how to march. But we started marching on July or August I think, we joined our school marching competition and won the second place I think. On the next year, we joined the camping, held by IPPD Ampang Jaya, 10 girls and 10 boys per school. That was the first time we joined marching and you know what, we won the FIRST PLACE ! The girls, won the first place for the first time joining the marching competition, ISNT THAT GREAT?? Our school must be proud of us :D The second time we joined, we won second place and its kinda sad :'( But last year, because of it was our LAST year in school, we started to work harder and again, we won the FIRST PLACE. It was the sweetest memory ever in Seraya. But before that, in February or March, we had joined the marching competition held by PPD Hulu Langat and won the third place for the category government organization (GO).
I also got experienced for shoot competition, I joined it twice, also held by IPPD Hulu Langat. Even I'm not a good shooter, but its okay, at least I got so many experience, better than you right? Hahah. What makes I miss school is because I miss Cadet Police Team. Bukan nk kata apa, but we're the one who work harder to raise the name of Cadet Police Team, because before that, semuanya zaman kegemilangan Kadet Bomba dgn KRS then tkde yg bertanggungjawab, thats why dh jatuh. Mula dgn Aibot, dia yg berusaha naikkan kadet polis, then after that, dia bg tanggungjawab dkt Yong pulak. Kitaorg btol btol minat so thats why kitaorg buat btol btol. Yong, Fifi, and aku yg kekal dlm team dr start kitaorg masuk, yg lain byk org baru. Fateha, Kak Yuhanis, Azimah, Hatek, Shasha, Aliah, Wala, antara yg pernah join kawad. Semuanya berkorban, berlatih tgh panas sampai muka berbelang, tp berbaloi jgk sbb menang. Hahaha, rezeki rezeki. Tp team lelaki, tkde yg btol btol bole harap, so agak jatuh lah. Tahun ni tktau mcm mana, harap harap Fateha yg jd pewaris tu bole buat btol btol. Chayok chayok!
I also joined the netball team, started from 2008. I was the GS (goal shooter) but simpanan lah. It was kinda interesting to joined co-curricular you know? Especially in the sport or team that youre interested in. But I hate athletics, because I cant run. Like I told you before, I walked faster than run. Haha because I dont have the stamina. Its was so many memories in school, but I'm kinda have to write for a book, I have to be a writer to tell you all about them. Haha
So I gtg. Bye bye

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