Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Its a boys and girls' day out :D

Yesterday I went to KL to meet my baby. He wants to shop because he just got his salary for January. Yeay! Hahah. He bought 3 shirts at Sg Wang then we walked to Pavilion and had Carls Jr for our lunch. Dao ordered Famous Star burger and I ordered Jumbo Chili Dog. It was great! Then Farris, Muz, Fika, Zul And Ariff joined us. But me and dao had finished our meals. Sorry :P
Opps! Dao didnt finished his burger and he gave it to Ariff. Haha. I was already fulled.
After that borak borak then semua buat hal masing masing. Me and dao continue our plan, it was shopping!
We went to Cotton On and Forever 21 but I was not interested in any clothes. I found this jeans at F21, dark grey in colour, it suits me but I didnt buy it because I only brought RM200+ and the jeans costs RM139. But I still have RM300 more, it is at home =,=  And I will get my last salary which is RM140 more but yesterday I was so lazy to walk to KL Tower. Hmm.
We walked to Sg Wang and went to Romp and I found this jeans, only RM79.90. So I just, bought it lahh. Hahah.
Then we went to KenWest, which is the same as Romp and Dao bought a black jacket. Its nice to me :)
On our way back to Pavilion, we found The Under Shop and Dao was interested in their Renoma boxer. So he decided to buy it. At the Pavilion entrance, Farris called me, we met him there. I said, "Ni yg penting ni, (sambil tunjuk plastik Under Shop)", and Farris said "Tkde kerja shopping spender". Hahaha.
The three of us decided to watch Tooth Fairy at 6.10pm. Only the three of us because Muz, Fika, Ariff and Zul have to go back early. While waiting for the movie, we went to Nike and I saw the red dunk hi shoe, the one I tried when I first saw it about two weeks ago and its still there and I think I must have it, its much better than the Creative Recreation shoe. After that I went to Stadium and saw this Reebok, just like the one I saw in It costs RM329 while Nike is RM359. I think I must have the Nike dunk because it is much much better than Reebok. Beza harga pun tk jauh. Hmm.
Oh-oh, the movie was funny and bodoh bodoh. Hahaha. After watching Tooth Fairy, we went home by the train while Farris ride his motorcycle. I am still not satisfy because I didnt get any clothes. Durr. Haaa.
Thats all, thanks for reading my broken english blog :)

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