Saturday, February 6, 2010


Last night Tasya texted me, asked me to hangout with them today. And then she asked me to bring Dao along. So just now, I met Dao. He arrived Pavilion first, and he asked me not to be fast, ada surprise katanya. I met him at the entrance and we sat for awhile, he asked me to close my eyes and gave him my hand. He put something on my palm and when I opened my eyes, there's a Roxy plastic bag. And when I open it, I saw a Roxy black rainbow purse. It was the one I looked at Roxy Pavilion last Tuesday. That day, I entered Roxy and I saw the purse, I show him, smile and said Lawa kan? It doesnt bring any meaning. I didnt expect he will buy it for me. I was surprised and then I asked him,

F : Why did you buy this for me? My Roxy purse is still in good condition.
D :  I really want to buy this for you. I know you want it when you first saw it a few days ago.
F : Yaa I want it but I am not gila gila want it. Why did you finished your money to buy this?
D : Its okay lah, you love me or not?
F : Of course I love you.
D : Then just take it. I bought this for you because you said your purse has damaged. Its also your birthday present. Happy belated birthday sayang.
F : But mine still in good condition lahh. Thank you sayang :)

Baby, youre so sweet lahh. Thank you so much sayang! Yaa, I know Dao also like it when we first saw it, thats why he bought it for me. Including the purse, he has gave me 3 presents for my birthday. Dao said, tk puaslah tk bg banyak banyak hahaha :P
Then we went to Nike and bought the Nike dunk hi skinny in red, just like in my previous post. I bought size 7.5 and finished RM359. Wtfish?! Then only RM70 left in my purse. Haha.
After that we went to Carls Jr since Dao wants to eat burger. Then pusing pusing tktau nk buat apa. Met Fifi Elyana, my schoolmate, she worked at Dome Pavilion. She asked me, Dh beli kasut tu? Haha that shows that she read my blog! Thanks Fifi :)
After that we went to BB Plaza to buy some tshirts for me, it was 3 for RM70 but I got 3 for RM65 :P
Then I only got RM6 in my purse?! Hahaha what a shopaholic?
Went to McD to eat ice cream and menghilangkan penat, kaki dh sakit :S
While waiting gor Zatul and Tasya near BB Bistro, we saw Alisya (Lola) and Yaz, which is my cousins. We chat for awhile. And oh-oh, Dao said Alisya's getting fat. Haha yeah, youre a little bit chubby :P
Met Zatul, Tasya and Zatul's friend from Melaka, Nazrin around. Lepaking at Starbucks and went home an hour after that.
Only me and Dao, because Zatul and Tasya wants to go back around 9. Walked from BB to Hang Tuah, met Lin (Fazlina), also my schoolmate, she worked at Secret Recipe at Amoda, near Times Square overbridge. Chat for awhile, asking her if there's any vacancy. On my way back home, she texted me, she said there's vacancy at Secret Recipe Times Square. She asked me to meet her manager there, for interview maybe. I said I will, on the other day :)
Reached home around one hour later. Keep trying my new shoes with the new tshirts. Haha super excited :D
To Dao, sorry for my behaviour, I wont do it again k. Im so sorry :'(

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