Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yipeee :D

I'm healthy now, get well from fever yesterday. Alhamdulillah. And today went to Sg Wang, to Coffee Bean, applied for a job.
The manager gave me the form, I filled it and he asked me about my working experience and told everything about Coffee Bean. He asked me when can I start working and I said ASAP. And WOWW ! I got the job! Haha so I will start working tomorrow, at 6.30 until 10.30. He said usually new staff will temporarily work for 4 to 5 hours daily. Nevermind, at least I got a job than do nothing at home. But Im a little kind of nervous. I dont know, maybe because Im a FRESHMEAT. Gahahaha :DD
Actually, it was recommended by Amir Farhan, my ex classmate. He said there's vacancy and asked me to try.
He has been working there for a month. Thank you Amir :)
Oh-oh, and you know what? I have to get THYPOID injection. Durrrrr Im kinda scared ! Hahaha.
Wish me luck for my new job, hopefully the other staff are okay and everything's gonna be alright.
Thats all, thanks for reading :)

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