Monday, March 29, 2010

already gone

Last saturday, I put my memory card into the card reader to transfer my photos with Dao and upload in his myspace. After that when I took it out, I realised my wallpaper didnt appear. There were NO FILES in camera album. Wtf?!! I was like, asal jadi mcm ni? All the 700+ pictures in camera album? Hilang mcm tu je?! 
All the pictures I keep from 2 years ago, when I first bought the handphone, lost in a blink of eyes???
I was soooooo sad, I dont know how to explain it to you but.. they are already gone. Dao mintak maaf, sbb dia yg suruh upload gambar gambar tu. But there's nothing else I can do. Dh hilang terus dh. Dh bukak memory card, dh masuk balik pun sama je. The weird part is, all files in music, pictures, videos all still in the memory card. Camera album je yg corrupted. Someone help me, pleaseeee :'(

Thursday, March 25, 2010

legally blonde

Hey hello whats up readers? Just wanna update the blog with some story to share. Haha not an interesting story but I am glad to share with all of you. Today Im not working, its my off day. And also my pay day, for Coffee Bean. Ive got some plan, at first was with Dao but Dao cannot make it so I went out with Deeba, my old friend. We went to Sg Wang, had planned to go to salon to do some makeover. Especially to my boring hair. Haha :D
So we did some survey and decided to make it at this salon, I forgot the name, Micheal Ling salon if not mistaken. Ive decided to repair my hair, actually the rebonding, and then dye it, after that cut the fringe. We were there for almost 3 and half hours. I chose dark blonde for my hair because I want natural colour. And you can see it in the picture above. So what do you think? How do I look? Please drop some comments, haha kalau rajin. Terima kasih! -,-
The cost was RM180, quite cheap and I'm satisfied. Love the colour. The hairstylists and also Tasya said, I look more to Chinese with my new hair. Hahahahah.
To you Dao, what do you think about my new hair colour? Ive sent you mms but you didnt received it. But its okay :)
Oh! This picture was taken at Zara. What do you think about that black blouse? Its gorgeous you know? I'm gonna buy it tomorrow because I didnt have money that time, tk sempat withdraw gaji :P
Thats all I want to share :P Thanks for reading. Bye bye :D

Friday, March 12, 2010

thank you allah

Sorry guys for the late update, Im working today, reached home around 11.20. Hahha talking about SPM result in my previous post, I GOT WHAT I TARGET. Woohoo! I got 4As, bm english geo were A, agama A-, science B, history C+, economy and ert were C, and math D. Hahha thats horrible but Im happy for math even its h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e because Ive never pass before. I always failed in math and history. Also for history, Ive never pass but then suddenly I got C+?! Haa, the "+" made me feel curious :P
So I got 4As, 1B, 3Cs and 1D. Like I told you in previous post, what I target, and now I got what I target. Im happy and proud of myself, also my mom. Dia kata dia expect yg lebih teruk. Haha thank you mother -,-
When the teacher call our name to get our result, everyone were fucking nervous. Especially myself! My heart beats faster, and when I saw my name, I quickly grab the paper and searching for As. I was smiling but after that I dont know why suddenly I cried. Maybe because Im happy to see I got As for my target subjects. Alhamdulillahirrabbilalamin :)
Im still thinking of my future, I dont know what course to take. Hmm but nevermind, I will think about it.
Oh oh! For those who got the best result, congratulations. And those who got the unexpected result, its okay,  SPM doesnt mean the end of a life. Everyone can succeed, di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan. So move on okay? Congratulations :)
Thats all. Thanks for reading. Goodnite :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

the day has come

Ohmygod, I can believe it has been almost three months since I finished my SPM. And today, the fucking result will be announce. Its already 10 o'clock that means, a few hours more! Ohmygoddd, save me! Im afraid to see my result. Afraid that I cant get what I target. I want more than 4As. Pleaseeee.. I will be disappointed if I get less than 4As. 4As for BM, English, Geo and Agama. They are my favourite subjects you know? And Ive got As for them in my exam, but in my trial, I only got 2As. I got B for agama and geo. I was careless. So thats why Im afraid, Im nervous, Im scared if I dont get my target. Duhh :'(
And Im hoping, please dont fail for any subjects. I always fail in two subjects so I hope, bole lah setakat lulus. Aduhaiiii. Berdebar gila! Nk menangis pun ada, padahal belum amik result. Hahahaha. So guys, wish me luck okay. Pray for me, Im fucking nervous!
Hmmmmm.Thats all jelah. Bye bye

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello welcome to bonita!

On my previous post, I said that I will be working at Bonita on 10 of march right? But I make it earlier, so I started working on 8 of march. Means, yesterday. Its quite okay, quite easy, just a little bit tired. Happy to serve customer and get commission. And you know what? There's an Italian man, he bought so many things. I think, for his sisters or relatives maybe. And this one man, from Yaman. He bought 3 handbags, and a lot of jewelleries. And his bill was RM894. Omg thats my one months salary. Hahaha he's kinda rich man! And he made a joke, he said that his friend got 3 wives and he got 2 wives. Thats why they bought a lot of things. Jenny, my supervisor, who serve him, got a lot of commissions. Thats for sure! Ohmygoddd. 
And I got new friends from Elianto, the next shop which is under the same company with bonita. There's two mak nyah working there, they are the make up artist. One is chinese and one malay. Its kinda interesting to be friends with mak nyah, they were funny you know? They love to "mengorat" mat saleh. Hahaha.
Suddenly I got headache, when I reached home, Im trying to sleep. But around 4 am, I woke up cause I got stomach ache. And I continue sleeping at the hall, on the sofa cause I think its easier to buang air in the toilet, downstairs, cause its jamban cangkung. Okay lets stop talking about jamban. 
So I continue my sleep, but then I woke up again. I felt like, loya. Nk muntah. So I went to the toilet, and I was vomited. Urgh, sakit gila muntah! Ingat nk tahan, tp tk bole. So Im not working today cause I still got headache. Its bad because its my second day working at bonita but I cannot make it. Hmm :'(
Will be back to work tomorrow, had went to the doctor to get mc and will give to the manager later.
So thats all I think, thanks for reading. Bye bye :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

bye bye and hello

Ignore my previous post, its kinda an emotional post. Im okay with dao. Oh yaa, Im so happy today. I mean, since yesterday because I got a new job! Woohoo! And you know what? I will be an image consultant at BONITA. I love it because working at food and beverage outlet is not my interest. But I dont know how I can work at a place like that. Haha its kinda weird! Oh yaa, I will be working at Bonita on 10 of the March. And will quit from current job on 7th perhaps. Oh yaa I think thats all, I got to go. Thanks for reading bye bye :)