Monday, March 29, 2010

already gone

Last saturday, I put my memory card into the card reader to transfer my photos with Dao and upload in his myspace. After that when I took it out, I realised my wallpaper didnt appear. There were NO FILES in camera album. Wtf?!! I was like, asal jadi mcm ni? All the 700+ pictures in camera album? Hilang mcm tu je?! 
All the pictures I keep from 2 years ago, when I first bought the handphone, lost in a blink of eyes???
I was soooooo sad, I dont know how to explain it to you but.. they are already gone. Dao mintak maaf, sbb dia yg suruh upload gambar gambar tu. But there's nothing else I can do. Dh hilang terus dh. Dh bukak memory card, dh masuk balik pun sama je. The weird part is, all files in music, pictures, videos all still in the memory card. Camera album je yg corrupted. Someone help me, pleaseeee :'(

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