Thursday, March 11, 2010

the day has come

Ohmygod, I can believe it has been almost three months since I finished my SPM. And today, the fucking result will be announce. Its already 10 o'clock that means, a few hours more! Ohmygoddd, save me! Im afraid to see my result. Afraid that I cant get what I target. I want more than 4As. Pleaseeee.. I will be disappointed if I get less than 4As. 4As for BM, English, Geo and Agama. They are my favourite subjects you know? And Ive got As for them in my exam, but in my trial, I only got 2As. I got B for agama and geo. I was careless. So thats why Im afraid, Im nervous, Im scared if I dont get my target. Duhh :'(
And Im hoping, please dont fail for any subjects. I always fail in two subjects so I hope, bole lah setakat lulus. Aduhaiiii. Berdebar gila! Nk menangis pun ada, padahal belum amik result. Hahahaha. So guys, wish me luck okay. Pray for me, Im fucking nervous!
Hmmmmm.Thats all jelah. Bye bye

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