Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello welcome to bonita!

On my previous post, I said that I will be working at Bonita on 10 of march right? But I make it earlier, so I started working on 8 of march. Means, yesterday. Its quite okay, quite easy, just a little bit tired. Happy to serve customer and get commission. And you know what? There's an Italian man, he bought so many things. I think, for his sisters or relatives maybe. And this one man, from Yaman. He bought 3 handbags, and a lot of jewelleries. And his bill was RM894. Omg thats my one months salary. Hahaha he's kinda rich man! And he made a joke, he said that his friend got 3 wives and he got 2 wives. Thats why they bought a lot of things. Jenny, my supervisor, who serve him, got a lot of commissions. Thats for sure! Ohmygoddd. 
And I got new friends from Elianto, the next shop which is under the same company with bonita. There's two mak nyah working there, they are the make up artist. One is chinese and one malay. Its kinda interesting to be friends with mak nyah, they were funny you know? They love to "mengorat" mat saleh. Hahaha.
Suddenly I got headache, when I reached home, Im trying to sleep. But around 4 am, I woke up cause I got stomach ache. And I continue sleeping at the hall, on the sofa cause I think its easier to buang air in the toilet, downstairs, cause its jamban cangkung. Okay lets stop talking about jamban. 
So I continue my sleep, but then I woke up again. I felt like, loya. Nk muntah. So I went to the toilet, and I was vomited. Urgh, sakit gila muntah! Ingat nk tahan, tp tk bole. So Im not working today cause I still got headache. Its bad because its my second day working at bonita but I cannot make it. Hmm :'(
Will be back to work tomorrow, had went to the doctor to get mc and will give to the manager later.
So thats all I think, thanks for reading. Bye bye :)

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