Thursday, March 25, 2010

legally blonde

Hey hello whats up readers? Just wanna update the blog with some story to share. Haha not an interesting story but I am glad to share with all of you. Today Im not working, its my off day. And also my pay day, for Coffee Bean. Ive got some plan, at first was with Dao but Dao cannot make it so I went out with Deeba, my old friend. We went to Sg Wang, had planned to go to salon to do some makeover. Especially to my boring hair. Haha :D
So we did some survey and decided to make it at this salon, I forgot the name, Micheal Ling salon if not mistaken. Ive decided to repair my hair, actually the rebonding, and then dye it, after that cut the fringe. We were there for almost 3 and half hours. I chose dark blonde for my hair because I want natural colour. And you can see it in the picture above. So what do you think? How do I look? Please drop some comments, haha kalau rajin. Terima kasih! -,-
The cost was RM180, quite cheap and I'm satisfied. Love the colour. The hairstylists and also Tasya said, I look more to Chinese with my new hair. Hahahahah.
To you Dao, what do you think about my new hair colour? Ive sent you mms but you didnt received it. But its okay :)
Oh! This picture was taken at Zara. What do you think about that black blouse? Its gorgeous you know? I'm gonna buy it tomorrow because I didnt have money that time, tk sempat withdraw gaji :P
Thats all I want to share :P Thanks for reading. Bye bye :D

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