Monday, May 31, 2010

New born babies

Hello everyone! Sorry for not updating, I'm just a little bit lazyyy :P
Spent my time with Tasya and Zatul at Tasya's from morning until evening. Around 12, mom called me and said that my things has just arrived. I am sooo excited! Cant wait to go home that time. Tapi, sabar jelah en :P
Around 1, texted Ekaa, suruh dia check tu kasut ke singlet. Kalau kotak agak agak besar tu kasut lah tu. Then ekaa replied, "kulkith shoes ler". Woww, I became more excited but I cant go home that time, it was raining heavily. Around 6, went home, took the box and went to the room. Tear the wrapper and try the shoes one by one. Hahaha because I bought two pairs of them :) Tamak kan? :P
But its a little bit bigger, but its okay, still can fit it :)
Kulkith shoes is an original brand from Indonesia. And created by Agnes Tandia. The themes are of batik, tenun and songket. I fell in love with them when first time I saw them in facebook, introduced by Fika. Thanks fika <3.
So I bought them online, sent all the way from Bandung. Woohoo! Its IDR 190000 for a pair of shoe, around RM68 so I bought two pairs, its all cost around RM200+. But who cares? I really want them so what? Haha :D Paid via Western Union on 27th of May and arrived todayyy yeay!
Anyway, thank you so much Kulkith and Agnes Tandia, they are stunning you know? Proud to be an Asian.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Hello everybody! Sorry for not updating the blog, dont have any interesting story to share. But heyyy, I am so excited right now because the blazer that I bought from an online blogshop, has just arrived. Safely!
You can see in the picture above. Its a formal blazer, but hey, thats just the name. You can wear it anytime lahh haha. It is very fit on my body, and I fold the sleeves to make it better. Thanks ABLINC! I think thats all I want to share hehe =D
Oh yeah, this is the blogshop
 Thanks for reading! :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

for salee :)

Hello everyone! This is my Wmns Nike Dunk Hi-Skinny in Metallic Red with glitters on the side, thinking of selling them. Because I think I dont suit street style. I am more to feminine maybe, like Dao said haha :D
Worn once, still in good condition, just bought in last February. Size 7.5. But dont worry, its not big because I'm wearing size 38 for pumps and sandals. Selling it for RM300. Still can bargain :)
If you're interested, let me know by sending a message on my facebook account.
Search for FIRA ZAHIDIN. Thank you!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Little Miss Excited

Hello everyone. 
I'm happy  right now cause yesterday mom told me that Inaz, tan sri's daughter just texted her saying "Hi Ros, just got your daughter's 2 pairs shoes sz39 both different design, not frm website you gv but just as cute. Best part its only rm25 each, can you believe it!".
Omg, seriously, I cant wait to see those shoes. Actually, I asked my mom to ask Inaz to buy me 2 pairs of flat shoes from Wondershoe. I dont want to buy it from the website because its much more expensive! But in Indonesia, there got store which selling those Wondershoe shoe, cheaper than buying from the website cause they used USD. So then I asked her to buy for me since she's staying there. But in her message, she said that it doesnt from the website, means not from Wondershoe. But its okayyy, I hope its still cute as what I want. Plus, its cheaper so yeahh, Im happy :)
Mom said she will be back to Malaysia maybe in June. So I should get my feet ready for those new babies =D
Thanks for reading babeyhhh

Friday, May 7, 2010

what kind of life is this?

Yesterday when I was texting with Dao, suddenly he told me that he was with his mom's car. He picked his friends up and after that, Dao picked me up at my house, to BTHO. My dad saw the boys, and I was the only girl in the car. He told mom and mom asked me to go home. WTF MAN?!!! What kind of life is this? So borrriiinnggggg -.-"
But I just ignore it and follow Dao to BTHO. Mom keep asking me to go home. I thought I just want to lepak lepak there and went home in the evening. But then, Dao said, he will send me. 
Its kinda pissing you off when you thought you just want to spend some of your times with friends, but something happened, and then you have to go home on the spot.
Padahal, its just nothing. Its not like I go out late at night and go home in the morning. 
Cant both of you understand me? OMG OMG OMG!!!
Mcm tk ada life you know???
Grrrr >:(

Thursday, May 6, 2010

fall for you

I miss my baby. I miss Dao. I really miss him. Oh godd, you know how much I love him. Even we just met yesterday butttt ... oh noo, I miss him so much! Its like Im falling in love with you, again. 
And you told me the same thing yesterday. I should be thankful cause everything's fine right now. I dont want it to be happen again. Once is enough. 
I dont wanna be hurt, and I dont wanna lose you. Youre mine and Im yours. Ive never felt like this before, with any other man. Youre different. Its hard for me to let you go. I swear to God, Im not lying.
Youre the best Ive ever had. We have been through so many things all this while.
You've promise me, and I trust you. Dont let me down, again, for the second times. 
I love you so much Ahmad Firdaus.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

life's great

Hey hello readers. I just got back from BTHO, lepaking with Dao and friends. Having so much fun todayyy. 
Woohoo!! :P
Reached BTS around 12, lepak at Dao's house. Around 2pm, Farris called Dao and ajak lepak McD. Muz pick us up, by car. So the five of us (Muz, Fika, Farris, Dao and me) straight away to McD, meet Baby and Emer. After that, Kam, Arep and his gf came and join us. Around 4, the twelve of us, (hahaha, ramai kan? :P) went to a park with 3 cars, cause they want to play skateboard. Something happened at the park, but I cant tell you guys. It was something embarassing for someone ( hihihi so funny lah ). 
After that, we went to New Town Cafe. They played skateboard after minum minum and then Muz sent me to BTS since I  have to go home. Once again, something happened on our way, but sorry we have to keep it as a secret.
So many things happened today, but I enjoy it. It was the best day with you guys. Im gonna miss it! But the sad part is, we didnt snap any picture. But its okay, these memories will stay forever in my heart and my mind. 
Honestly, I've never enjoy my times with my friends like what I did with Dao's friends, which is also my friends. Dkt sini mana ada lepak lepak mcm tu, since I pun tk baik sgt dgn budak budak sini. Ada pun tasya dgn zatul jelah. 
Seriously I love you guys, and Im gonna miss that times. Thanks to Dao, Fika, Muz, Farris, Arep and his girlfriend, Baby, Kam, Emer, Zul and the others. 
Thanks for light up my day. These moments are the best and Im gonna miss it. I love you guys and I love you baby boy <333

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New chapter

Hello everyone, sorry for not updating the blog. Ive been busy + lazy to update my blog. Lots of fun things happened these few weeks. Me and Dao are getting better, we always meet lately. He had changed. More loving, more caring. Im happy for him, just hoping may this moment will last longer. Insyaallah. 
Before this, we seldom meet. Sometimes, almost a month we didnt meet. But now, we will meet almost everyday. He will ride his motorcycle from BTHO to Ampang just to come to my house. We will meet and talk from 9 until midnight.
Oh-oh! Ive quit my job at Bonita. Im so tired and now its time for me to think about study and bla bla bla. *malas nk fikir sbnrnya =,=
Last Saturday, Dao came to my place and we went to Old Town to lepak lepak. Hahha. On Sunday, we went out to KL since I want to buy a short for the next day, its only RM10 :) We watch a movie, it was THE CRAZIES. Sumpah suspen gila babi oiiii.
And yesterday, Dao and I went to Sunway Lagoon to spend our time together and try to be happy as before. Its time to relax and forget all the problems and have fun. Just the two of us!
I woke up at 7 in the morning, call Dao to wake him up. Got ready and then dh bertolak, dh sampai BTS, Dao tertidur balik =,=
Gerak dr BTS around 9.30 to take the KTM komuter to Subang Jaya. Quite a long journey. But it was fun! It was my first time taking a bus mini =D
Reached Sunway Pyramid around 10.45, had our brunch at KFC. Entered the theme park at 12.
We didnt wear our slippers. It was a very hot day. Lari lari dgn Dao sbb tk tahan, kaki melecet panas sangat!
Then Dao dukung. Hehe so sweettt :P
Masa nk sampai Grand Canyon River Rapids, you nk turunkan I but then kita sama sama terjatuh. Gelak non stop =D
After that kita naik Niagara Falls Flume Ride, menjerit kuat gila sbb cuak gila babeng. Hahaha. 
After that, nk jalan lagi but it was fucking hot day, I asyik bising kaki panas. And for the second times, you dukung I lagi :P  Sooo cute! Dh lah keding, dukung I pulak =D
And then we spent our time berendam dlm air je. Duduk bwh tmpt teduh. We were hugging and kissing in the water. Ohmygooddd, I miss that time! Cina tu lg selamba french kiss, hahha gamble gila!
Tp sumpah rindu time tuu. You tau kan apa lg? Hehe :P
Around 4 pm we get ready to get out from Sunway Lagoon and decided to walk around at Sunway Pyramid je. Jalan jalan pegi Miss Selfridge but tkde jeans yg i nak :(
Tiba tiba nampak MNG, I nampak bag yg I suka tu and terus beli. Another red bags :D
Masuk roxy lagi sbb nk beli selipar yg kita tgk pagi tu. Hbs duit I. Hahahah.
Around 7 we went to mamak to had our dinner. We were full, I can see your perut buncit :P
Take the bus mini again, to KTM. But something happened, I am so so sorryyyy sayangggg. You baru nk amik gmbr tu but i tertekan delete. WTF doh!
At BTS, I was sooo sad to let you go. But I must go home :'(  As usual, we were hugging and kissing before I went home. I miss youuu :'((( It was the best day of you and me. 
Nevermind, we will meet again tomorrow cause I will come to your place. I miss it you know? And I miss to see some of our friends. Hehehe tk sabar =DDD
See you sayang!