Wednesday, May 5, 2010

life's great

Hey hello readers. I just got back from BTHO, lepaking with Dao and friends. Having so much fun todayyy. 
Woohoo!! :P
Reached BTS around 12, lepak at Dao's house. Around 2pm, Farris called Dao and ajak lepak McD. Muz pick us up, by car. So the five of us (Muz, Fika, Farris, Dao and me) straight away to McD, meet Baby and Emer. After that, Kam, Arep and his gf came and join us. Around 4, the twelve of us, (hahaha, ramai kan? :P) went to a park with 3 cars, cause they want to play skateboard. Something happened at the park, but I cant tell you guys. It was something embarassing for someone ( hihihi so funny lah ). 
After that, we went to New Town Cafe. They played skateboard after minum minum and then Muz sent me to BTS since I  have to go home. Once again, something happened on our way, but sorry we have to keep it as a secret.
So many things happened today, but I enjoy it. It was the best day with you guys. Im gonna miss it! But the sad part is, we didnt snap any picture. But its okay, these memories will stay forever in my heart and my mind. 
Honestly, I've never enjoy my times with my friends like what I did with Dao's friends, which is also my friends. Dkt sini mana ada lepak lepak mcm tu, since I pun tk baik sgt dgn budak budak sini. Ada pun tasya dgn zatul jelah. 
Seriously I love you guys, and Im gonna miss that times. Thanks to Dao, Fika, Muz, Farris, Arep and his girlfriend, Baby, Kam, Emer, Zul and the others. 
Thanks for light up my day. These moments are the best and Im gonna miss it. I love you guys and I love you baby boy <333

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