Monday, May 10, 2010

Little Miss Excited

Hello everyone. 
I'm happy  right now cause yesterday mom told me that Inaz, tan sri's daughter just texted her saying "Hi Ros, just got your daughter's 2 pairs shoes sz39 both different design, not frm website you gv but just as cute. Best part its only rm25 each, can you believe it!".
Omg, seriously, I cant wait to see those shoes. Actually, I asked my mom to ask Inaz to buy me 2 pairs of flat shoes from Wondershoe. I dont want to buy it from the website because its much more expensive! But in Indonesia, there got store which selling those Wondershoe shoe, cheaper than buying from the website cause they used USD. So then I asked her to buy for me since she's staying there. But in her message, she said that it doesnt from the website, means not from Wondershoe. But its okayyy, I hope its still cute as what I want. Plus, its cheaper so yeahh, Im happy :)
Mom said she will be back to Malaysia maybe in June. So I should get my feet ready for those new babies =D
Thanks for reading babeyhhh

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