Monday, May 31, 2010

New born babies

Hello everyone! Sorry for not updating, I'm just a little bit lazyyy :P
Spent my time with Tasya and Zatul at Tasya's from morning until evening. Around 12, mom called me and said that my things has just arrived. I am sooo excited! Cant wait to go home that time. Tapi, sabar jelah en :P
Around 1, texted Ekaa, suruh dia check tu kasut ke singlet. Kalau kotak agak agak besar tu kasut lah tu. Then ekaa replied, "kulkith shoes ler". Woww, I became more excited but I cant go home that time, it was raining heavily. Around 6, went home, took the box and went to the room. Tear the wrapper and try the shoes one by one. Hahaha because I bought two pairs of them :) Tamak kan? :P
But its a little bit bigger, but its okay, still can fit it :)
Kulkith shoes is an original brand from Indonesia. And created by Agnes Tandia. The themes are of batik, tenun and songket. I fell in love with them when first time I saw them in facebook, introduced by Fika. Thanks fika <3.
So I bought them online, sent all the way from Bandung. Woohoo! Its IDR 190000 for a pair of shoe, around RM68 so I bought two pairs, its all cost around RM200+. But who cares? I really want them so what? Haha :D Paid via Western Union on 27th of May and arrived todayyy yeay!
Anyway, thank you so much Kulkith and Agnes Tandia, they are stunning you know? Proud to be an Asian.

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