Friday, May 7, 2010

what kind of life is this?

Yesterday when I was texting with Dao, suddenly he told me that he was with his mom's car. He picked his friends up and after that, Dao picked me up at my house, to BTHO. My dad saw the boys, and I was the only girl in the car. He told mom and mom asked me to go home. WTF MAN?!!! What kind of life is this? So borrriiinnggggg -.-"
But I just ignore it and follow Dao to BTHO. Mom keep asking me to go home. I thought I just want to lepak lepak there and went home in the evening. But then, Dao said, he will send me. 
Its kinda pissing you off when you thought you just want to spend some of your times with friends, but something happened, and then you have to go home on the spot.
Padahal, its just nothing. Its not like I go out late at night and go home in the morning. 
Cant both of you understand me? OMG OMG OMG!!!
Mcm tk ada life you know???
Grrrr >:(

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