Sunday, June 20, 2010


Hello readers,
Sorry for not updating the blog. I've been in Bangi and I'll only be at home on weekend. So, my college life is okay. Just finished the orientation week from 15th to 18th June. Orientation is fun but boring sometimes. Must wear tudung during the orientation week. Oh yaa, I didnt dye my hair black, haha. But my ass hurts like hell cause we have to sit on the floor, woke up at 4  in the morning and slept at 1 am. Must be at the lobby at 5 am to go solat at the masjid. Will start the class on 5th of July. So for this two weeks, we have to attend the kursus with the jabatan. *sigh
Oh yaa, I got a story to tell you guys. I stay at the 3rd floor, and there's a black cat at the stairs, everytime I pass through the stairs its always there. I started to think of negative things but I dont want to talk about it to my roommate, because everyone will be scared. So my cousin said, it was penunggu. She said, dont look or call the cat. Just ignore it.
The distance from hostel to campus is quite far, have to walk. Grr!
Our fasilitator teach us how to sing the KPTM song, Ke Puncak Awan. So this is the lyrics,  it was "pembakar semangat" for me, haha. Goosebumps!

Kolej Poly-Tech MARA, 
Lambang keunggulan anak bangsa,
Proaktif progresif perkasa, 
Profesional dan berkarisma,

Kolej Poly-Tech MARA, 
Lambang keunggulan anak bangsa,
Menjunjung amanat negara, 
Terbilang di puncak dunia,

Bersemangat meredah rintangan, 
Gagah menuju ke puncak awan,
Tekad di hati penuh keazaman, 
Bersatu ... Capai segala wawasan :)

 Hmm so I think there;s no interesting story. I'll be back to Bangi after this. Soooo, see you later! Bye :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New world :)

Hello readers,
This is a short post maybe. Because I'll be entering KPTM Bangi a few hours more. I've packed all my stuffs, and I'm ready to go, perhaps haha. I'm a little kind of hesitate, nervous, excited, scared, berdebar semuanya lahh. I've packed all my stuffs and hopefully, there's nothing left. I bring around 6 of my baju kurung, easier when they ask to wear formal right? I bring my converse jack purcell as sport shoe, a sandal and a flat shoe. My cardigan and a few of shirts. Two pairs of jeans and etc.
Not to forget, the teddy bear from Dau and his shirt. I'll smell the shirt everytime I miss him :'(
And a photo of him, and one of our photo together.
Hmm I got to go now, will update later when I'm home haha. Bye bye peeps, wish me luck for my studies. And the all of you :)
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What are you waiting for?

Hey hello!
Upload those pictures of perfume just because I just got them from my aunty. She went to Singapore and bought them for me. Kirim lah sbnrnya kan :P
Very cheap you know? Haha. Its CAN CAN by Paris Hilton and LIVE by Jennifer Lopez.
I love Can Can started from my colleague at Bonita used it and I think the smell is very soft and sweet. So I asked my aunty to buy it at Singapore. At first, she said she cant find Can can so she asked me if I want Live so I said, its okay as long as the smell is soft and not too strong. But now, I think both of them are soft and sweet so I've decided to take both of them. Yeay me! :P
And hey, I am not showing off but this is my blog, so who cares kan? HAHA

Soooo, I'll be entering KPTM Bangi and the registration day is on 15th, means this Tuesday. So yeah, time is running out, got some things to manage before the day. But I just like, not ready yet.
I just went to Medan MARA last Thursday for the KPTM roadshow, there's open registration too. So mom asked me to ask them and if can, just register. So I brought my copy of IC and the result slip. And in 15 minutes, I got my offer letter! Haha. Got so many things to do, the medical check up, photos, payment, and bla bla bla. A lil bit nervous, excited, scared, ahhh! I AM NOT READY YET hukhuk :'(
But what can I do, this is my only choice and chance. So just grab it lah kan. Hmm.
I'll be at KPTM Bangi, taking Diploma in Business Management. Might be staying at their hostel and might be DYE my hair BLACK. Back to basic aduhaiii. Otherwise, pakai tudung. Tk mauuu ( T__T )
Even its quite near and I still can go home every weekend but still gotta be apart from family and baby love, Dau :'(
Gotta study hard and change myself, from the old to the new Fira :)
Oh yaa, last week my cousin asked me to work with her at a research company at Capsquare. So yeah, I only work for 4 days haha. I have to quit because the registration day is coming. My work is very easy, I work at the Editing Questionnaire group, so just edit the questionnaire and I'll be paid RM6 per hour. In 4 days, I have earn around RM200+. Still got money right? :P

Back to the further study part, I'll be missing my family, friends and the only boyfriend, Dau. Dau was so sad when I told him about this, he advised me alot. He was scared that I might be flirting with other guys. I try to comfort him even I, myself, cant control my feelings. I was like going too far kan? Haha.
Thinking of bring along the pictures of the family and Dau, the teddy bear from Dau and other things.

I just got back from the grandma's. Its my aunt's engagement ceremony. But before went to grandma's, my family and I went to ayah's hometown which is Kuala Pilah. We went for a wedding at Juasseh. Met the relatives which I didnt even know them. Met Alisya's grandparents and uncle, which is Pak Long Pudin and Pak Yan, also the cute little boy, Farhan :) It was the hottest day. I just realised that Malaysia got high daily temperature and its hotter when I wore the kebaya, with sulam and etc. Urghh!
It was an interesting day, quite funny looking at the kampung boys. Which is some of them are my relatives. They try to flirt but too afraid so they just keep staring and smiling. Hahaha funny!
The grandsons of this tuan rumah, I mean "atuk sedara" of mine, they were twins, and very look alike until I cant differentiate their face. I just can differentiate them from the shirt they are wearing.
They were the crew  of the wedding ceremony so saja lah lalu lalu ulang alik bwk lauk lah apa lah. Haha.
So this one time, I was looking for Mak Long since we gotta go, and I was walking bend downwards, and when I look in front, one of the twin is looking at me and suddenly he smiled at me. So I just smile at him back and walk away.
I wrote it here not because I like him, please dont get me wrong. I just, like to look at their face because  they look exactly the same. We only meet about once a year, which is Hari Raya. Tapi nama je sedara, tk pernah tegur pun -.-"
Around 2, went to grandma's since the engagement will start. Everything's just fine :)

So yeah, I think thats all I wanna shared. Cant think of other things. Thanks for reading, this is a BORING post. Thanks for wasting your time :D

Monday, June 7, 2010

P. S. I love you

 How do I look babeyh? And I'm wearing Zara floral top, Cotton On piper skirt, Mom's Bonia vintage bag, and Kulkith shoes.

Hello readers! Got some stories to write on the blog. Haha yeah, its 7th of June today, its Tasya's 18th birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL, I LOVE YOU ALWAYS :D
So we celebrate Tasya's birthday yesterday, because Tasya's on leave. We make it TRIPLE DATE hehe. So there's Dau and I, Zatul and Ashnan, Tasya and Zett. Followed tasya to the salon in the afternoon. She dyed her hair, put some highlights and curl it up. I decided to curl my hair up, I mean for temporary lah. At first, it looks like berketul ketul but then I used my finger to make it better so yeah, I like it!
Went to tasya's around 2.30, get ready and reach KL around 4 something. Dau wait for me at the monorail. Pity him hehe. Meet zatul ashnan and zett at bb plaza, they went to the karaoke while dau and I ate at mcd since I didnt eat anything for the whole day cause, wait for tasya's hair done =,=
Bought a small choc sponge cake, asked the karaoke's staff to bring it to the room and made a surprise so yeahh, tasya's happy :P
Spent two hours straight, have a great day! Bila lagu romantik sikit, dance dgn bf masing masing hehe. IloveyousomuchDau! Miss your hugs and kisses :'(

Went to Pavilion, wanted to watch movie but time's running out. So we decided to eat at the food court. I shared a chicken lasagna with Dau. Err, muak! Tasya tk hbs hbs kena bahan. Haha.
Went to the coridor to snap some pictures. Went home around 10 something, Zett sent the three of us home. Dau and Ashnan went home by the train. 

Oh yeah, there's the pictures of me, with curly hair. So which one is better, straight or curly? =P

Ka-Chingg $$

Hey hello everyone! I dont know where to start. But refering on the title, I think lets just talk about monayyhh haha. So, I bet you all know that I've quit my job at Bonita, on the end of April. And I've got the salary, its a big amount I think haha. But I've spent around RM1000, tk sampai sebulan dpt gaji. Whoa, mcm air je duit tu hbs :'(
I dont know what I did, but I just hmm

1. Bought a F21 hoodie shirt
2. Went to sunway lagoon with Dau, bought a MNG bag and Roxy sandal at pyramid
3. Bought a neeki shirt, and two tops at Cotton On.
4. Bought a blazer from blogshop
5. Bought two pairs of shoes all the way from Bandung, its KULKITH SHOES
6. Bought a Cotton On tank top
7. Treat the family for a dinner

Yaa, I think thats all. I cant remember any other thing. But I've spent my money, until only RM180 left in my account. Hahaha can you believe it? From RM1400+ to RM180. Watafakk! Haha. 
Thank God I get my last salary from Bonita, its RM500 something. AT LEAST, I still got a lot of money. Hehe sounds like having RM700+ in the account is enough but the truth is NOT hahaha. So last Wednesday, I went to Lot 10 with Ekaa and bought a Zara floral top and a piper skirt from Cotton On. Hee :D
This story suits the movie, what they called "CONFESSION OF A SHOPAHOLIC" hahaha. Thats what I think! :P
Thanks for reading.