Monday, June 7, 2010

Ka-Chingg $$

Hey hello everyone! I dont know where to start. But refering on the title, I think lets just talk about monayyhh haha. So, I bet you all know that I've quit my job at Bonita, on the end of April. And I've got the salary, its a big amount I think haha. But I've spent around RM1000, tk sampai sebulan dpt gaji. Whoa, mcm air je duit tu hbs :'(
I dont know what I did, but I just hmm

1. Bought a F21 hoodie shirt
2. Went to sunway lagoon with Dau, bought a MNG bag and Roxy sandal at pyramid
3. Bought a neeki shirt, and two tops at Cotton On.
4. Bought a blazer from blogshop
5. Bought two pairs of shoes all the way from Bandung, its KULKITH SHOES
6. Bought a Cotton On tank top
7. Treat the family for a dinner

Yaa, I think thats all. I cant remember any other thing. But I've spent my money, until only RM180 left in my account. Hahaha can you believe it? From RM1400+ to RM180. Watafakk! Haha. 
Thank God I get my last salary from Bonita, its RM500 something. AT LEAST, I still got a lot of money. Hehe sounds like having RM700+ in the account is enough but the truth is NOT hahaha. So last Wednesday, I went to Lot 10 with Ekaa and bought a Zara floral top and a piper skirt from Cotton On. Hee :D
This story suits the movie, what they called "CONFESSION OF A SHOPAHOLIC" hahaha. Thats what I think! :P
Thanks for reading.

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