Sunday, June 20, 2010


Hello readers,
Sorry for not updating the blog. I've been in Bangi and I'll only be at home on weekend. So, my college life is okay. Just finished the orientation week from 15th to 18th June. Orientation is fun but boring sometimes. Must wear tudung during the orientation week. Oh yaa, I didnt dye my hair black, haha. But my ass hurts like hell cause we have to sit on the floor, woke up at 4  in the morning and slept at 1 am. Must be at the lobby at 5 am to go solat at the masjid. Will start the class on 5th of July. So for this two weeks, we have to attend the kursus with the jabatan. *sigh
Oh yaa, I got a story to tell you guys. I stay at the 3rd floor, and there's a black cat at the stairs, everytime I pass through the stairs its always there. I started to think of negative things but I dont want to talk about it to my roommate, because everyone will be scared. So my cousin said, it was penunggu. She said, dont look or call the cat. Just ignore it.
The distance from hostel to campus is quite far, have to walk. Grr!
Our fasilitator teach us how to sing the KPTM song, Ke Puncak Awan. So this is the lyrics,  it was "pembakar semangat" for me, haha. Goosebumps!

Kolej Poly-Tech MARA, 
Lambang keunggulan anak bangsa,
Proaktif progresif perkasa, 
Profesional dan berkarisma,

Kolej Poly-Tech MARA, 
Lambang keunggulan anak bangsa,
Menjunjung amanat negara, 
Terbilang di puncak dunia,

Bersemangat meredah rintangan, 
Gagah menuju ke puncak awan,
Tekad di hati penuh keazaman, 
Bersatu ... Capai segala wawasan :)

 Hmm so I think there;s no interesting story. I'll be back to Bangi after this. Soooo, see you later! Bye :)

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