Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New world :)

Hello readers,
This is a short post maybe. Because I'll be entering KPTM Bangi a few hours more. I've packed all my stuffs, and I'm ready to go, perhaps haha. I'm a little kind of hesitate, nervous, excited, scared, berdebar semuanya lahh. I've packed all my stuffs and hopefully, there's nothing left. I bring around 6 of my baju kurung, easier when they ask to wear formal right? I bring my converse jack purcell as sport shoe, a sandal and a flat shoe. My cardigan and a few of shirts. Two pairs of jeans and etc.
Not to forget, the teddy bear from Dau and his shirt. I'll smell the shirt everytime I miss him :'(
And a photo of him, and one of our photo together.
Hmm I got to go now, will update later when I'm home haha. Bye bye peeps, wish me luck for my studies. And the all of you :)
Thanks for reading!

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