Monday, June 7, 2010

P. S. I love you

 How do I look babeyh? And I'm wearing Zara floral top, Cotton On piper skirt, Mom's Bonia vintage bag, and Kulkith shoes.

Hello readers! Got some stories to write on the blog. Haha yeah, its 7th of June today, its Tasya's 18th birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL, I LOVE YOU ALWAYS :D
So we celebrate Tasya's birthday yesterday, because Tasya's on leave. We make it TRIPLE DATE hehe. So there's Dau and I, Zatul and Ashnan, Tasya and Zett. Followed tasya to the salon in the afternoon. She dyed her hair, put some highlights and curl it up. I decided to curl my hair up, I mean for temporary lah. At first, it looks like berketul ketul but then I used my finger to make it better so yeah, I like it!
Went to tasya's around 2.30, get ready and reach KL around 4 something. Dau wait for me at the monorail. Pity him hehe. Meet zatul ashnan and zett at bb plaza, they went to the karaoke while dau and I ate at mcd since I didnt eat anything for the whole day cause, wait for tasya's hair done =,=
Bought a small choc sponge cake, asked the karaoke's staff to bring it to the room and made a surprise so yeahh, tasya's happy :P
Spent two hours straight, have a great day! Bila lagu romantik sikit, dance dgn bf masing masing hehe. IloveyousomuchDau! Miss your hugs and kisses :'(

Went to Pavilion, wanted to watch movie but time's running out. So we decided to eat at the food court. I shared a chicken lasagna with Dau. Err, muak! Tasya tk hbs hbs kena bahan. Haha.
Went to the coridor to snap some pictures. Went home around 10 something, Zett sent the three of us home. Dau and Ashnan went home by the train. 

Oh yeah, there's the pictures of me, with curly hair. So which one is better, straight or curly? =P

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