Thursday, August 26, 2010

Home sweet home :)

Hello. I'm homeee! Mom pick me up after work at 4.45pm. I brought alot of my things. Coz there are so many shirts that I didnt use and I think it's better if I put them at home. Oh yeah, yesterday got a mega quiz for Maths which is also an exercise for us before test next week. Mega quiz including chapter 1 until 3. Just now, I got my paper and yeahhhh, I got 35 1/2 marks from 40 marks. Alhamdulillah. I will keep it up and make sure I can do the best for coming test. Our lecturer gave a very clear clue, she asked us to do the quiz at home, 5 times before our test. So I think, that means the question for test is just similar as the mega quiz. I started to love maths. Haha :P  IT test was done, quite easy, alhamdulillah. Pengajian Malaysia, we already got our marks. I got 13/20. Because the carry mark for Pengajian Malaysia for test 1, only 20%. For other subjects such as English, I think I'll be okay. But for Account, I'm a lil bit scared. Also for management. Hmm :'(  I hope I can do the best. Wish me luck. Insyaallah. So the last paper will be on Saturday, 4th September and after that we can go home and back to Bangi on 20th. Hellll yeahhh!

                             SELAMAT HARI RAYA
              MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A little to not over you

Hmm yeahh, I'm home. It was the last minute plan after I saw alot of my friends going home after tests. We got tests yesterday, I mean mid term. It was Business IT and Pengajian Malaysia. IT was okay, but PM was errghhh! I  hate history :(
I think the lecturer will cry seeing my answer. Sorry miss! Another tests coming soon on 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th September. After that we got no class. Holiday yeayy! Until raya :) Today is Sunday, I have to go back to Bangi around 2pm. All of 1st semester students have a NUTRITION TALK at 4pm. Our lecturer, miss Lyly didnt force us but she said who attend the talk will get 10 marks. EXTRA MARKS! And wtf, nk buat petang pulak. Haishh -.- 

I'm craving for some new stuffs lately. I made a calculation and I need 500+ bucks. Haha what a demanding :P
Just now my mom and I saw kuih lapis sarawak promotion which is at kompleks kraf jalan conlay and it will be there until this 31st. So I ask mom to go there next week and she agree! Haha. Because kompleks kraf is near to Pavilion. I said I want to shop because I got test on 4th so I have no time. And yes, mom said yes! We will be going out next Saturday. *wink wink! Hahha.
So yeahh, that's all for today. Thanks for reading :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's fasting month

Hello, it has been a long time ago since the last time I updated my blog. Haha. Yes, it's almost a month I didnt update this little bloggie. I had no time, plus I am too lazy. Yeah today is Monday, August 16th. Yesterday I went out with Dao, we buka puasa together at Pizza Hut. Oh yeahh, finally! I've been craving for some pepperoni pizza since the last time I ate it, I cant remember when. Silly me :/
After that we went to Baskin Robbins to eat two scoops of ice cream which is chocolate chip and strawberry cheesecake. Chocolate chip was nyumm nyumm :P but strawberry cheesecake was a lil bit yucksss :B
It was chosen by Dao -,-  And after that we realised that two scoops was too much. One scoop is enough for two actually. Oh oh! Dao bought a pair of ZARA shoes, it was awesome. I loikeee. So yeah, now I'm craving for some new stuffs. *Sigh. I am a shopaholic, I know. But I got no money now since mom only gave money for eat eat and eat. But its ramadhan and will be follow by Hari Raya so yeahh, I know its a good time to shop some new stuffs. Heee :D  Might not going home next week since I got mid term which is on Saturday. Zzzz. It is Business IT and Pengajian Malaysia. Both of them are reading subjects. *One more sigh.
Study was okay, I got 7 subjects for this 1st semester. It is Business Maths, Business IT, Fundamentals of Management, Principles of Accounting I, Proficiency in English I, Pengajian Malaysia and Sport Science.
So far, maths was okay. IT was quite tough. I mean I know how to use computer and so on but to read the theory and remember it, its quite tough! Haihh. Management was quite okayyy. Hmm Accounting was quite hard, English was really fun OH YEAHH! :D Pengajian Malaysia was really hard, there are 14 chapters. While Sport Science was an enjoyment.
So thats all, got pictures but will be upload later yeahh. So, thanks for reading. And FIKA, I dh update dh kay? Haha :P
I got to go now, I'm going back to Bangi and it's already 6.30 am but I didnt take shower yet. So good bye :)