Monday, August 16, 2010

It's fasting month

Hello, it has been a long time ago since the last time I updated my blog. Haha. Yes, it's almost a month I didnt update this little bloggie. I had no time, plus I am too lazy. Yeah today is Monday, August 16th. Yesterday I went out with Dao, we buka puasa together at Pizza Hut. Oh yeahh, finally! I've been craving for some pepperoni pizza since the last time I ate it, I cant remember when. Silly me :/
After that we went to Baskin Robbins to eat two scoops of ice cream which is chocolate chip and strawberry cheesecake. Chocolate chip was nyumm nyumm :P but strawberry cheesecake was a lil bit yucksss :B
It was chosen by Dao -,-  And after that we realised that two scoops was too much. One scoop is enough for two actually. Oh oh! Dao bought a pair of ZARA shoes, it was awesome. I loikeee. So yeah, now I'm craving for some new stuffs. *Sigh. I am a shopaholic, I know. But I got no money now since mom only gave money for eat eat and eat. But its ramadhan and will be follow by Hari Raya so yeahh, I know its a good time to shop some new stuffs. Heee :D  Might not going home next week since I got mid term which is on Saturday. Zzzz. It is Business IT and Pengajian Malaysia. Both of them are reading subjects. *One more sigh.
Study was okay, I got 7 subjects for this 1st semester. It is Business Maths, Business IT, Fundamentals of Management, Principles of Accounting I, Proficiency in English I, Pengajian Malaysia and Sport Science.
So far, maths was okay. IT was quite tough. I mean I know how to use computer and so on but to read the theory and remember it, its quite tough! Haihh. Management was quite okayyy. Hmm Accounting was quite hard, English was really fun OH YEAHH! :D Pengajian Malaysia was really hard, there are 14 chapters. While Sport Science was an enjoyment.
So thats all, got pictures but will be upload later yeahh. So, thanks for reading. And FIKA, I dh update dh kay? Haha :P
I got to go now, I'm going back to Bangi and it's already 6.30 am but I didnt take shower yet. So good bye :)

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