Sunday, August 22, 2010

A little to not over you

Hmm yeahh, I'm home. It was the last minute plan after I saw alot of my friends going home after tests. We got tests yesterday, I mean mid term. It was Business IT and Pengajian Malaysia. IT was okay, but PM was errghhh! I  hate history :(
I think the lecturer will cry seeing my answer. Sorry miss! Another tests coming soon on 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th September. After that we got no class. Holiday yeayy! Until raya :) Today is Sunday, I have to go back to Bangi around 2pm. All of 1st semester students have a NUTRITION TALK at 4pm. Our lecturer, miss Lyly didnt force us but she said who attend the talk will get 10 marks. EXTRA MARKS! And wtf, nk buat petang pulak. Haishh -.- 

I'm craving for some new stuffs lately. I made a calculation and I need 500+ bucks. Haha what a demanding :P
Just now my mom and I saw kuih lapis sarawak promotion which is at kompleks kraf jalan conlay and it will be there until this 31st. So I ask mom to go there next week and she agree! Haha. Because kompleks kraf is near to Pavilion. I said I want to shop because I got test on 4th so I have no time. And yes, mom said yes! We will be going out next Saturday. *wink wink! Hahha.
So yeahh, that's all for today. Thanks for reading :)

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