Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Oh God, what has happened? I cant control myself. And i feel, lonely. I miss my mom, she knows me better. I need a tight hug from her, to calm me down. I told her everything, and she has been the most understanding woman in this world. I'm not good enough, I'm totally bad. Dont deny it. But yeah, this little bloggie of mine is the 2nd good listener. I mean, at least I have a place to express my feeling. I'm totally SICK OF MY LIFE. I've become WORSE on everybody's eyes. There's no good even when I got A+ in Maths and A- for IT. The most important thing is, I never be good on others' eyes. Yes, this is me. An upset girl with her boring blog, nagging about herself in her own blog. But who cares? There's nobody. I repeat, NOBODY

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