Saturday, September 18, 2010

Eid Mubarak :)

Hello.  It''s been a week since we, as Muslims celebrated Hari Raya. So an open house has been held at my place on Thursday, 16th Sept 2010 which was a public holiday. It's Malaysia dayy! Yeahh, proud to be Malaysian :D
So Dau, Fika, Muz, Farris and Aziq came to my house. Thanks alott!! I asked them to wear baju raya so that we can take Raya pictures nicely. Haha padannn! :P 
I'm going back to Bangi this Monday, have to wake up very early in the morning, urghh :/  I dont want to go back to the hostel, I hate being there! It's haunted you know? Enough said. No need to write everything about it lah, goosebumps! For the whole 2 weeks holiday, I only meet Dau two times. We're not going for a date. Dau is busy since he had start working. Hmm. I hope we can go out for a date next week, for our 1st anniversary which is on 24th Sept. I really want to celebrate this precious moment, Oh God, I cant believe that we have been through this relationship for almost a year. And yes, it's complicated. Quite complicated! But it's okay, we'll try our best to stick on each other and make this relationship stronger. Amin. I LOVE YOU :)

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