Thursday, October 28, 2010

Giving up

Hii everyone, long time no see. I kinda busy with college life, final exam is just around the corner. Only a week to go. Kinda nervous as I'm wishing to get the dean's list. Impossible but trying to make it possible as nothing is impossible. Am I right? I'm not online-ing as the internet connection at home is quite annoying plus, the opera mini application on the phone is no longer can be use. And everyone does. Sucks -.-

My always-no 1-topic is always about my hair. I'm getting sad because I think it will not grow longer faster because of the damage, as I'm about to grow my hair longer. But I've googled just now, some of the "How to grow hair longer faster" tips said, damage hair is hard to grow longer. If it grows longer, the damage will also grow longer. Means, we will only keep growing the unhealthy hair. So as I want to reach waist length, I think I will cut my hair a bit short. I fell in love with the picture shown above, Paris Hilton short black hair. I love the way it curves inside. Soooo niceee! As I dont want to cut my hair too short, I think this is the best cut for me. At first, I was thinking about getting my hair rebond and cut it to this haircut but my hair is damage and very dry so rebonding is the worst idea. Cut and let the hair grows naturally is the best idea. So if this happen, it will only be reveal on the semester break this November. Hope it wont be a nightmare :P

So yeahh, final exam will start on 4th and finish on 21st. The opening subject is Business Maths. Followed by Account on 7th, Management on 10th, IT on 15th, English on 19th, Sport Science on 20th and ends with Pengajian Malaysia on the next day. I have to study hard to get a good result and make sure that I will get the dean's list. Amin.

Thinking about working on the semester break to gain pocket money of mine. But dont know yet. Feel lazy but I have to! May be thinking about it later as the semester break is only a month and a few days. So does it worth it? Hmm. And yess, my blog is getting boring -__________-

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Be pretty by the natural way

     As you can see in the picture above, I've been uploading some of my old photos. And what I want you to focus here is, my OLD dark blonde-smooth-silky-long-hair :(

     I've been missing my old hair in this few months. I think all of you still doesnt know what has happened to my hair. I've rebonded my hair around four times since I was 15. When I first get my hair rebonded, it was a soft rebonding, which I did it at a professional hair salon in JB, I cant recall the salon name. But it is located at Holiday Plaza. It was suggested by my aunty who lived in JB. It costs around RM180. After a few months, I cut my hair into a neck length bob haircut since I fell in love with Rihanna and Victoria Beckham bob hairstyle.

     I let my hair grow longer, until it reached shoulder length, I've decided to get my hair curl! And it was a nightmare I told yaa! The hairstylist told me that she have to cut my hair into layered, she told me it was only A BIT but then I was shocked cause she cut my hair into a very very short layered, EXTREMELY short! I was like crying but I dont know why I keep my mouth shut and let her did the curl on my hair. And the result turns into a nyonya-curl-hairstyle. Fucking ugly yaa know! It was only a week before raya and a few days before raya, I rebonded my hair since I hate the curly hair cause it makes me looked old! But rebonding just make my hair look very flat and thin, maybe because of the layered cut. After my hair grown to shoulder length, slowly the original hair comes out and it was wavy. Started from that time, I keep on rebonding my hair, once a year I think. I hate rebonding cause it makes my hair look flat and I hate when it becomes wavy on the new growth hair. I dont know why because my original hair is not curly, it is just wavy at the ends.

     I didnt color my hair since I was in form 4 so on my pay day in March, I've decided to color my hair to a dark blonde color. I love it, seriously. It is not very light, it looks just nice and natural. When I entered college on June, it was written in the college rules book that we are not allowed to color our hair or else we will be fine. So a day before the class started, I went to a salon to darken my hair colour, it was dark brown. As usual, my new hair growth become wavy and I keep on iron my hair every single day before class and it was tiring. I was lazy to get my hair rebonded due to the cost so I've decided to straighten my hair at home and it was the second nightmare for my hair, it is worse than the first. My hair turns into very dry, frizzy and the dark brown color, faded! My hair turns into gold color, which is fucking ugly under the sunlight. I was like crying. But I cant do anything. I went to a salon to get my hair done but the hairstylist said, if I put any chemical on my hair, it will become worse. She trimmed my ends and suggested a set of shampoo with conditioner and a hair mask which cost me RM68. I shampooed my hair on alternate days and deep conditioned them with the hair mask once a week. My hair is better now but it still dry, very dry and it doesnt shine. I colored my hair once again into brownish black color as the gold color was fugly!

     I went to A Cut Above a few days before raya ago and they suggested me to do Keratin Hair Treatment which cost RM500 and lasts for 4 months! I've been googling it and it is also known as Brazilian Blow Dry, Brazilian Keratin Treatment and etc. It is expensive. It is actually a natural treatment using keratin that are founded in hair, skin and nails cuticle. But most of them got a very bad experienced after doing it. You can read  keratin treatment side effects and this one also, written by people who had it done before, who got reaction to the treatment. I read it in a website, they said it is not a natural ingredient because keratin cant make your hair straight so they will have to use chemical in it, it is called formaldehyde which can cause CANCER! So beware girls, dont be cheated by their words which says, it is a non chemical treatment. But Nicole Richie also did it, and she love it. I dont know. For secure, just avoid it kay. Keep your hair natural as it is pretty by its own way :)

      Oh yaa, I will have to be patience to wait for my hair to get better as its natural way. I've been doing home treatment using the hair mask once a week for almost 3 months and will be using natural ingredient. Coconut is the best! When I was 12, I used to put coconut milk on my hair every single day and it works, my hair become very soft. You can ask me if you want to how to do it, very simple and easy! But I've not doing it for years. So I think I want to start doing it again as I want to avoid those chemicals thingy on my hair.
I regret for what I've done, this is my first experience and I know, it is because I keep on unsatisfy with my hair which used to be pretty enough. I should be thankful, so that I will keep them natural. I admit, I was very obsessed with hair so yeah, this is what I got. Hmm :(
So pray for me guys, I really want my hair to heal :)

Love ♥

Friday, October 1, 2010


I am bored, I hate being in this horror hostel. I hate my room-mate, I hate my room, I hate this hostel, I hate.. I hate everything's here! But this week, I really cant go home. I got test 2 for IT tomorrow and a fitness test on the next day. Oh yaa, despite the HATE feelings, I am quite happy today cause I've already got my result for account paper and english. I got B+ for account, it's 73%. For english, I only got 18.5/30, it's around 61.6%, that means I got C. I didnt satisfy but I should be thankful cause I dont fail. I should do better next time, I know I can do it. For IT, I got 79%, Malaysia Studies 13/20, Maths 40/40, it's 100%. Yeay me! Haha, alhamdulillah. But I didnt get my management paper yet. So, wish me luck for my 2nd test :)