Thursday, October 28, 2010

Giving up

Hii everyone, long time no see. I kinda busy with college life, final exam is just around the corner. Only a week to go. Kinda nervous as I'm wishing to get the dean's list. Impossible but trying to make it possible as nothing is impossible. Am I right? I'm not online-ing as the internet connection at home is quite annoying plus, the opera mini application on the phone is no longer can be use. And everyone does. Sucks -.-

My always-no 1-topic is always about my hair. I'm getting sad because I think it will not grow longer faster because of the damage, as I'm about to grow my hair longer. But I've googled just now, some of the "How to grow hair longer faster" tips said, damage hair is hard to grow longer. If it grows longer, the damage will also grow longer. Means, we will only keep growing the unhealthy hair. So as I want to reach waist length, I think I will cut my hair a bit short. I fell in love with the picture shown above, Paris Hilton short black hair. I love the way it curves inside. Soooo niceee! As I dont want to cut my hair too short, I think this is the best cut for me. At first, I was thinking about getting my hair rebond and cut it to this haircut but my hair is damage and very dry so rebonding is the worst idea. Cut and let the hair grows naturally is the best idea. So if this happen, it will only be reveal on the semester break this November. Hope it wont be a nightmare :P

So yeahh, final exam will start on 4th and finish on 21st. The opening subject is Business Maths. Followed by Account on 7th, Management on 10th, IT on 15th, English on 19th, Sport Science on 20th and ends with Pengajian Malaysia on the next day. I have to study hard to get a good result and make sure that I will get the dean's list. Amin.

Thinking about working on the semester break to gain pocket money of mine. But dont know yet. Feel lazy but I have to! May be thinking about it later as the semester break is only a month and a few days. So does it worth it? Hmm. And yess, my blog is getting boring -__________-

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