Friday, October 1, 2010


I am bored, I hate being in this horror hostel. I hate my room-mate, I hate my room, I hate this hostel, I hate.. I hate everything's here! But this week, I really cant go home. I got test 2 for IT tomorrow and a fitness test on the next day. Oh yaa, despite the HATE feelings, I am quite happy today cause I've already got my result for account paper and english. I got B+ for account, it's 73%. For english, I only got 18.5/30, it's around 61.6%, that means I got C. I didnt satisfy but I should be thankful cause I dont fail. I should do better next time, I know I can do it. For IT, I got 79%, Malaysia Studies 13/20, Maths 40/40, it's 100%. Yeay me! Haha, alhamdulillah. But I didnt get my management paper yet. So, wish me luck for my 2nd test :)

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