Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The part of the list

It's December 28th, AFS is already in Pahang now, and I'm doing nothing at home. It's boring.  2011 will come in a few days. This 2010 will be the best year, err not really, but there's a lot of things happened this year. 

  • The best birthday ever! AFS and my bestfriends surprised me, it was my first time in my whole life, I celebrated my birthday. Thanks to them ♥
  • I worked at Seri Angkasa KL Tower, Coffee Bean Sg Wang, Bonita Sg Wang and TNS.
  • I dyed my hair dark blonde, after a few years didnt dye them.
  • In April, something that left a sign in my heart happened, about AFS and I still cant forget it :'(
  • Went for a holiday, at Sunway Lagoon with AFS, just the two of us.
  • Bought Kulkith shoes, two of them hehe :-D
  • In June, I went for college, KPTM in Bangi, taking diploma in business management.
  • Not really interested at first, but I've set up my mission and vission to study well :-)
  • Got full mark for Maths, for the first time in my life. Good for you to know that I used to fail in Maths when I was in high school, but I did well when I was in primary school.
  • I prayed to get Dean's List and I promise to myself that I will get it. God do hears my pray, and I finally got GPA/CGPA 3.72 with 3As, 3A-s and 1B. 
  • That was unexpected cause I only target to get 3.5, and 3.72 is too good for me but then, I prove it to everyone that I can do it. Alhamdulillah :-)
  • December, I started to work at Bonita, again, only for a month. I just want to fill the boring semester break with something good, and also to earn money. Hehe :-D
  • I got myself a new laptop, a gift from my mother. Thanks mom, I love you ♥
  • Recently, AFS got an offer from UiTM and he's now in Jengka, taking diploma in office management and technology. He's on his orientation now, he just registered yesterday. I wish he's doing good. I really miss him :'(
That's all I'm thinking right now, if I get more, I'll write it here. Even when you, you and you read it, maybe it's just too ordinary for you. But these mean alot to me. This year is the best year of a girl-who-just-enjoyed-her-life-without-school. Haha. I'm being teenagers, yeay me!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

If you ever knew

It's already December 23rd, and about 18 hours' time, AFS is going to Bandung,  for a family vacation. He'll be back on 27th but he'll go straight away to Jengka, Pahang for UiTM registration. Omg, why could it be so fast? I cant believe, in a blink of eyes he'll leave me for his own good, for his future. I have to be strong, even there's so many things I'm thinking in my mind right now. Good, bad. Pheww. 2011, when my age is going to reach 19, there'll be changes in my life, alot! AFS will no longer with me, having our weekend together. We'll be rarely meet, only when we're on our semester break. AFS will be far away from me. Oh God, we've never separate but now, we'll be separated. This is called, sacrifice. Yes, thats what my mom told me when I told her that I'm in sadness right now when AFS is about to leave me. We used to meet every weekend, when I was at home, and didnt have class. That was then, and now I'll be alone at home, having my weekend alone, hang out alone,  and everything will be alone, only me without him. We'll only doing what we used to do, whenever he's back, here. I'll be missing him, and always love him. Only God knows how much I feel sad, in my heart.

AFS, you know who I'm talking about and you know its about you. I'm so sorry if I express my feeling too much on my blog, its just, its the only way I can talk nonsense and tell what I feel.  Baby, be good and dont forget me, I'll be waiting for you, always :) Happy 15th months anniversary, its tomorrow. Take care. I'll always love you. Bare in mind

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Precious moment ever

Even it was just in a moment, I'm still happy to hug and kiss you. Even I was like crying but I didnt cry. Even I felt so sad to let you go, I still want you to go. Even you will be far away from me, I will always love you. Even I will miss your hugs and kisses, I still can see you in my dream, hug and kiss you. Take care baby :)

I keep the part of you with me

God, I wanna thank you for all your gifts to me. God, you gave me a pair of parents that always support me in whatever I do, loving, caring, and understanding. God, you gave me a beautiful family, you gave me two brothers and a sister. God, you gave me a good life, comfortable environment, peace country. Thank you. God, you gave me a guy that I've never expected to have in my life. God, he is the man that is the best that's ever been mine. God, we're in the good phase of our life and relationship. God, all of sudden, your faith decided to separate us, to test us. God, we're going to be separated by the distance between the east and west. God, I wish he will never do bad things and always remember you. God, let us be together one day. God, we've made our promises to stick together until our last breath. God, let us chase our dreams and be together. God, all things that happens in our life, it's all has been written by the faith, it's all gifts from you. God, faith is made by you, so let the good faith be with us. God, I wish you will fulfilled my pray and wishes. God, thank you for all my faith until today, I'm so happy with it and let the happiness be ours. Thanks God.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Baby youre the best

January 2011 will come in just a few days, but he will go, far from me when it's time to leave this memorable 2010. My pay day, my birthday will be boring without him. 2011 will change everything in my life. My weekend will be boring cause it will be me, only me without him. We will be seldomly meet. God, please look after him whenever he is. AFS, please study smart, and dont forget everything you used to have here, in KL, including me :) I'm happy for you my darling. I love you so much :'(

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's just you, only you

Why does it always rain on me?


I just got myself a new laptop :) It's a gift from my mother, cause I got GPA 3.72 for my final exam for this first semester. Yeayy me! It was unexpected cause it's above my target so alhamdulillah. I got the news on 29th November and then on the 1st muharam which fell on 7th December, which was a public holiday, we went to Low Yatt Plaza to survey for new lappy. I chose Dell Inspiron and then mom decided to buy it on time, alang alang she said :P So thank you mom, you've made me love you more and more.

So yeah, today I'm not working cause I had fever. Sore throat, runny nose and weak body. I feel like dying, when something made me mad this evening. I love you but what else do you hide from me? Until when you wanna do like this to me? Just leave me if you dont love me anymore kay. Dont make me feel like dummies. Dont make the same mistake over and over again, remember the second chance you got.