Thursday, December 23, 2010

If you ever knew

It's already December 23rd, and about 18 hours' time, AFS is going to Bandung,  for a family vacation. He'll be back on 27th but he'll go straight away to Jengka, Pahang for UiTM registration. Omg, why could it be so fast? I cant believe, in a blink of eyes he'll leave me for his own good, for his future. I have to be strong, even there's so many things I'm thinking in my mind right now. Good, bad. Pheww. 2011, when my age is going to reach 19, there'll be changes in my life, alot! AFS will no longer with me, having our weekend together. We'll be rarely meet, only when we're on our semester break. AFS will be far away from me. Oh God, we've never separate but now, we'll be separated. This is called, sacrifice. Yes, thats what my mom told me when I told her that I'm in sadness right now when AFS is about to leave me. We used to meet every weekend, when I was at home, and didnt have class. That was then, and now I'll be alone at home, having my weekend alone, hang out alone,  and everything will be alone, only me without him. We'll only doing what we used to do, whenever he's back, here. I'll be missing him, and always love him. Only God knows how much I feel sad, in my heart.

AFS, you know who I'm talking about and you know its about you. I'm so sorry if I express my feeling too much on my blog, its just, its the only way I can talk nonsense and tell what I feel.  Baby, be good and dont forget me, I'll be waiting for you, always :) Happy 15th months anniversary, its tomorrow. Take care. I'll always love you. Bare in mind

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  1. This is a very sad post kak, you almost make me cry. Be strong okay :(