Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The part of the list

It's December 28th, AFS is already in Pahang now, and I'm doing nothing at home. It's boring.  2011 will come in a few days. This 2010 will be the best year, err not really, but there's a lot of things happened this year. 

  • The best birthday ever! AFS and my bestfriends surprised me, it was my first time in my whole life, I celebrated my birthday. Thanks to them ♥
  • I worked at Seri Angkasa KL Tower, Coffee Bean Sg Wang, Bonita Sg Wang and TNS.
  • I dyed my hair dark blonde, after a few years didnt dye them.
  • In April, something that left a sign in my heart happened, about AFS and I still cant forget it :'(
  • Went for a holiday, at Sunway Lagoon with AFS, just the two of us.
  • Bought Kulkith shoes, two of them hehe :-D
  • In June, I went for college, KPTM in Bangi, taking diploma in business management.
  • Not really interested at first, but I've set up my mission and vission to study well :-)
  • Got full mark for Maths, for the first time in my life. Good for you to know that I used to fail in Maths when I was in high school, but I did well when I was in primary school.
  • I prayed to get Dean's List and I promise to myself that I will get it. God do hears my pray, and I finally got GPA/CGPA 3.72 with 3As, 3A-s and 1B. 
  • That was unexpected cause I only target to get 3.5, and 3.72 is too good for me but then, I prove it to everyone that I can do it. Alhamdulillah :-)
  • December, I started to work at Bonita, again, only for a month. I just want to fill the boring semester break with something good, and also to earn money. Hehe :-D
  • I got myself a new laptop, a gift from my mother. Thanks mom, I love you ♥
  • Recently, AFS got an offer from UiTM and he's now in Jengka, taking diploma in office management and technology. He's on his orientation now, he just registered yesterday. I wish he's doing good. I really miss him :'(
That's all I'm thinking right now, if I get more, I'll write it here. Even when you, you and you read it, maybe it's just too ordinary for you. But these mean alot to me. This year is the best year of a girl-who-just-enjoyed-her-life-without-school. Haha. I'm being teenagers, yeay me!

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