Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I keep the part of you with me

God, I wanna thank you for all your gifts to me. God, you gave me a pair of parents that always support me in whatever I do, loving, caring, and understanding. God, you gave me a beautiful family, you gave me two brothers and a sister. God, you gave me a good life, comfortable environment, peace country. Thank you. God, you gave me a guy that I've never expected to have in my life. God, he is the man that is the best that's ever been mine. God, we're in the good phase of our life and relationship. God, all of sudden, your faith decided to separate us, to test us. God, we're going to be separated by the distance between the east and west. God, I wish he will never do bad things and always remember you. God, let us be together one day. God, we've made our promises to stick together until our last breath. God, let us chase our dreams and be together. God, all things that happens in our life, it's all has been written by the faith, it's all gifts from you. God, faith is made by you, so let the good faith be with us. God, I wish you will fulfilled my pray and wishes. God, thank you for all my faith until today, I'm so happy with it and let the happiness be ours. Thanks God.

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