Friday, December 10, 2010


I just got myself a new laptop :) It's a gift from my mother, cause I got GPA 3.72 for my final exam for this first semester. Yeayy me! It was unexpected cause it's above my target so alhamdulillah. I got the news on 29th November and then on the 1st muharam which fell on 7th December, which was a public holiday, we went to Low Yatt Plaza to survey for new lappy. I chose Dell Inspiron and then mom decided to buy it on time, alang alang she said :P So thank you mom, you've made me love you more and more.

So yeah, today I'm not working cause I had fever. Sore throat, runny nose and weak body. I feel like dying, when something made me mad this evening. I love you but what else do you hide from me? Until when you wanna do like this to me? Just leave me if you dont love me anymore kay. Dont make me feel like dummies. Dont make the same mistake over and over again, remember the second chance you got.

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