Monday, January 31, 2011

Nothing is impossible

Just now, I viewed my old friend's profile on FB, Sarah Shamira. She just got married! I was like, OMG are you serious?! :O
Cant believe she got married at 19 years old. She is my former classmate when I was in standard 1 until 5 (1999-2003). We were in SK Taman Muda, Ampang. If you are a fan of malay drama, I mean if you have ever watch a malay drama in 2002, the title is Seutuh Kudrat Talian Kasih, Sarah played the main character in the drama, a syndrome kids named Mariam. Most of people remembered this drama, it was a really touching and sad drama. Credits to Sarah. Congratulations friend, for your marriage :) 

Bila lah nk sampai jodoh aku pulak, haha belajar pun tk habis lagi :P

I wish I could turn back time

I wish I'm still in 2009. I wish you were like that time. I wish I could have a time machine and be in my favourite moment, forever! But yeah, life must goes on. 

I feel abandoned, I feel abused. This moment is very torturing. There are so many things in my mind and I just like, how can I tell you to let you feel the same way too? How? For this moment, I believe Allah can feel what I feel right now. 

For this moment, I just want to be a loner. I want to be alone. I want to be with myself. 
Like, seriously


Aku ni memalukan ke? Tau lah aku tk cukup cantik. Terima kasih

Friday, January 28, 2011

Am I too bad for you?

I just wanna be loved. I just wanna be appreciated. I want to be your only one. I want the whole world to know I'm your everything. I'm not asking you to brag with your friends, I just wanna let them know who I am to you. There's no picture of the two of us. But you put your picture with your friends, girlfriends. I AM FUCKED UP. Am I embarassing to you? Am I?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Boredom is the best killer

Durrhh, I cant get out of this boredom. I'm sleepy but yet I feel so lazy to brush my teeth and go to sleep. I cant wait for two presentations tomorrow, they are English and Account presentations. Got 4 subjects for tomorrow and all subjects got works to submit, on the same day. Wthhhhh -.- 
Oh my, I dont know what I'm talking about right now, I feel like nagging to myself. Okay, this is a special case. I better get my nap now, or else I wont sleep for all night long, because of the addiction to internet :s
K thats all, good night :D 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Thanks for the wishes and thoughts ♥

I'm currently at the hostel. Kinda doing the assignment but decided to update my blog first. My birthday was boring, nothing special happened on that day. For facebookers, thanks for the wishes and thoughts. There are about 180+ wishes on my wall. I have to admit it, this year's birthday was not as fun as last year's. I admit, I've never get birthday gift like, the very special one. I know AFS's gift was the best and the celebration was awesome. But still, I dont get any from my parents. Its okay, I know they've sacrifice alot. Thanks to them For this year, I just got a Zara shirt from my brother and his fiance. But thennn, I AM STILL CRAVING FOR CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM CAKE like ohmyyyy :s
I didnt get it for last year and now, I still want it no matter what. Chocolate ice cream is to die for. I used to get it before, for every year. And that has been an ages ago. Cant you see how I'm craving for it right now? 

I'm bored like hell, since I cant call or text AFS. His phone fell into maggi. Yeah, laugh out loud. Thank you -,- 
My assignment is waiting for me so I think I better off now. So yeah, see you guys later. 


Friday, January 21, 2011

Until now, I'm still wondering. How many people will remember my birthday? How many people will call me and wish Happy 19th Birthday Firaaaa! How many people will leave a comment on my wall on facebook just to say Happy Birthday? How many people will ask me out, to celebrate my birthday? How many people will give presents? How many people will give special cards? How many people will buy cakes? How many people will give a hug? How many people will give a kiss? How many people will make surprises? I'm still wondering. Wondering of this. Wondering of that.

If you wanna be two faced, make sure one of them is pretty enough

I still cant believe it, I met my former english teacher when I was in high school, Pn Siti Marziah Jaafar. My sister and I bumped into her at the LRT station. We were going to Masjid Jamek and she was going there too, I called her name and she excitedly turned around and hugged and kissed me. Ya Allah, aku mmg rindu sgt dkt teacher marziah. Mmg rezeki aku dpt jumpa dia harini. Dulu dkt sekolah, she was like our second mother. She's very happy go lucky, sporting and open minded. She's the advisor for Police Cadet and I and few of my friends were active, we went to most of the camping, shooting, and so on. I still remember when I was in form 5, we surprised her on her birthday with a cake and sang a birthday song. She was crying, she hugged and kissed us. Fifi made a photo frame, a photo of the 10 of us when we were at the camp. The last time I met her when I was taking my SPM result. Its almost a year. She used to be my second mother since I involved in cadet since I was in form 2, and she taught english for my class when I was in form 3 and form 5. She's very good in english and I'm proud of myself when I always get the highest marks for english, thank you teacher :) I love you to death

So my sister and I went to sg wang after that, we were in the lift going to the basement. There were these people, two girls and a boy. Chinese maybe? They were talking about Ekaa, the boy said ''big eyes", "eyeliner" and he also said LIKE ASS. They were so immature, talking about others and acted like we dont understand english. Sooooo stupid! They think they are too perfect. Hello, nobody's perfect okay?

I'm on facebook right now, and I just read my friend's status. And there was a former friend, haha I dont think she's a friend of mine since what she did to me. She commented there, and she said something that makes me feel like, WOW, and HAHAHAHA she's hilarious kay? Tk mengaku salah, nk ckp benda yg jadi dulu salah faham ahh? Geli wehh, padahal org yg kau jaja cerita, fitnah psl aku tu sendiri bgtau aku kau yg buat cerita semua tu, still kau nk kata salah faham? Aku tk anggap kau musuh, cuma aku tknak mengaku pernah kawan dgn kau. Mungkin aku boleh lupa, tapi parut tetap ada. Sbb aku tk pernah dibuat mcm tu, I swear to God, and alhamdulillah even aku kawan dgn kau tk lama, Allah tunjukkan aku perangai sebenar kau mcm mana. Aku bersyukur Allah jauhkan aku dr syaitan bertopeng manusia mcm kau. And jgn pernah perasan yg kitaorg bertiga kawan baik kau, sbb aku tk prnah anggap kau kawan baik aku. Cuma kau lepak sekali je, jgn perasan lah tauu. If we were bestfriends, you shouldnt badmouthing about me about the things I didnt even said and did. Kau cuma nk tumpang berkawan kan, sbb tu kau cuba eliminate aku kan? Girl, youre so good in acting. Thumbs up! And benda ni terungkit mmg tepat pada masa lah, sbb benda ni jadi sehari lepas birthday aku last year. And esok birthday aku, cantik kan? Pape pun, thanks for what you've did. 

Dulu aku menangis sbb bestfriends aku percaya cakap kau, dgr sebelah pihak. Menangis sbb kena fitnah. Tk tidur malam sbb terfikir, apa salah aku? Terfikir apa yg bestfriends aku tau, sampai tuduh aku bukan bukan. Rupanya laaaa, kau buat fitnah! Hahaha. Kau peduli apa? Yg penting hati kau puas? Minta maaf pun tk ikhlas, sbb nk pinjam baju aku je. Haha. Aku mmg sakit hati, mmg aku baca tapi saje tknak reply, even benda tu sampai kt notifications. Buat lek sudah kan? Hahaha kalau dilayan sampai bila tk habis. Apa pun aku cuba jadi mature, malas nk bertekak dgn dia. So just act like nothing happened kan. Cuma  aku meluahkan rasa geram jelah dkt sini. Bukan sound dia ke apa. Dia nk baca, pegi mam kay. My blog my rules, if you dont like it then just go. I dont give two fucks :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The final year to be a teen

Well, I'm counting days for my 19th birthday. I guess what will happen on my birthday? Hmm. Told ya, I've never get birthday gift from a crush or a secret admirer. I wonder how lucky I am if I get a gift, special gift from a secret admirer. I've never had secret admirer, I think so. Hahah silly me, mana nk tau kan dh kata pun secret admirer :P How many people will remember my birth date and wish me on that time? I'm still wondering. There is still have 2 days before the day. I've never celebrated my birthday, I mean held a birthday party and so on. But still, there are my friends and family beside me, with their thoughts, its enough for me. For the first time I celebrate my birthday, my 18th birthday which is with AFS and bestfriends ♥♥ Thanks babies! For this year, I wonder how am I going to be this saturday? Who will wish me? Who will make a surprise? Who will call me just to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me? Who will give a present? Who will buy a cake? Who will this and who will that, blablabla. Since AFS is not here. Hmm.

I wanna be a billionaire, so freaking bad

Lately, I've been thinking, if I was born in a rich family. No, it doesnt mean that I'm not thankful with my life now. It's just I envy people who went to private school, went to friend's birthday party, owns branded stuffs, live in a big house and so on. I kept thinking, how lucky they are. But most of people said, biasanya life anak orang kaya tk happy, harta byk tp tkde sape peduli. I agree with that but not all of them, its just some of them. A friend of mine, born in a rich family but still, I think he's a good guy. He dont take drugs and party all night long, thats what I assume, dont know if he's vice versa. But there's a friend of mine, invite me to her friend's open house. She said, he will fetch us at her house. So I just follow her, it's been about 2 years ago. He came with his driver, with a CRV if i'm not mistaken. His house is at TTDI. We were soooo impressed with his house, its kinda huge and very beautiful I told you. The guard is a policeman. When we walked in, we were blind with all the pretty stuff and design. You know what? The kitchen is covered by glasses, I mean the door. We have to wear slipper in his house, its provided. And and, there's a lift in his house. OMGGG, a lift in a 4 floors house? We went to the basement, there's a very big tv, a jamming place and a hugeeee toilet! We had a conversation and I asked him, hey where's your mom? He said, she's upstairs in her room. I asked him, mom you tau kitaorg dtg? He said, entahlah, I bwk sape pun bukan ada sape peduli. Tkde org sayang. See? He admit it to us! My mom always said, org kaya fikir diaorg bole beli kasih sayang dgn duit. Tapi mana bole sbnrnya. Sbb tu anak anak terbiar mcm tu.

But thennn, I think it all depends on how we manage ourselves and our children. If they were teach how to live with "kesederhanaan" and "kasih sayang", tk mustahil diaorg pun bole happy kan? Aku selalu terfikir seronoknya lahir dlm keluarga senang tapi buat apa mcm tu? Buat apa kaya dgn duit mak bapak? Cuba usaha utk kaya dgn usaha sendiri, duit sendiri. Make all people around you proud of you. Aku mengaku aku bukan dr keluarga senang. Aku mmg shopaholic. Aku mmg gila duit, Tapi sejak aku habis sekolah, kerja part time, aku belajar cari duit sendiri, appreciate usaha susah payah dapatkan duit tu, beli apa aku nk guna duit aku sendiri. Skrg pun selalunya kalau aku keluar, baju semua aku guna duit sendiri. Nak harapkan mak, mak aku mmg gaji besar tp byk benda dia nk tanggung. Dgn duit belanja aku lagi dkt bangi. Dgn yuran 1st sem rm4000 dia tanggung. Aku cuba belajar elok elok, cuba jd mcm abang aku. Abg ami tu dulu time sekolah mmg jimaaaattt sgt, pegi sekolah tk makan, balik rumah baru lunch. Hari hari duit belanja dia simpan, beli buku pun tk mntk duit mak. Beg sekolah sampai koyak rabak, sumpah tk tipu. Mak nk beli baru pun dia tknak. Tapi dia memang pandai. Form 4 masuk mrsm dkt perlis, sedih je aku time tu. Jauh kot! Hbs spm dpt UTM skudai, tp kejap je sbb dpt offer pegi jepun, terus masuk kptm bangi under program JAD. Dua tahun je then terus pegi jepun. 5 tahun jgk rasanya dia kt sana. Sambung master terus. And masa ni lah baru aku nampak dia belajar hidup mewah, pakai barang branded. Maklumlah, biasiswa MARA tanggung rm500000 kot kalau tk silap ayah ckp. Then dkt jepun dia kerja angkat sampah je, tapi gaji masyuk babe, lagi masyuk dr aku kerja kt bonita. Tapi tkpelah, sampah sana bukan busuk bacin mcm dkt sini. Tapi still, humble je tk berubah. Pendiam dr dulu. 

Yang paling kelakar, abg aku ni ada satu beg kulit brand apa entah, tk ingat. Dia letak laptop dia bagai, aku tgk beg tu dh mampat habis dh. Then ayah ckp, Bang, apa beg tu mcm nk pecah je letak barang, berapa beli tu? Abg ami dgn rilexnya jawab, dlm rm600 jgklah beli dkt jepun. Then ayah, oh yeke? Sorry sorry, sambil gelak gelak. Hahahah. Aku teringin sgt nk jadi org yg success, kaya dgn duit sendiri tk perlu mntk org lain. Mcm boss mak tu, tan sri azman tu dulu lagi susah. Tapi skrg tgklah, jutawan yg ke berapa entah terkaya dkt malaysia. Semuanya usaha sendiri. Oprah winfrey tu, td aku baca paper dia ckp dia pernah kena rogol sampai pregnant masa 14 years old, tapi skrg jutawan kootttt. So, nothing is impossible kan? Usaha je yg menentukan kita bole berjaya atau tak. Di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan. 
Aku saje buat post ni bukan apa, sbb lately ni teringin sgt nk jd org kaya. Semoga Allah membuka jalan yg luas utk aku berjaya. Amin!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just call my name and I'll be there

Harini ahad 16/01. AFS dh otw balik jengka, nk sampai dh pun. Tapi apa yg buat aku sedih sgt, kitaorg tk sempat jumpa. Plan nk dtg rumah semalam but hujan lebat. Tapi tkpelah, aku redha je. 2 minggu lagi dia balik jgk. Cuti seminggu pulak tu. Woahh! Aku pulak tktau lah cuti ke tk raya cina tu. Hmm. Dia pun sedih tk dpt jumpa aku. Dia text aku, kata kata dia tu betul betul buat aku touching habisss! Tapi aku sabar je. Nk nangis tapi terpaksa control macho. Hahaha. Miss you ♥

Tadi kelam kabut gila nk fotostat sijil sijil and dapatkan cop pengesahan utk apply loan MARA. Nasib baik kawan ayah timbalan pengarah MARA, ayah ckp esok dia pegi office org tu. Then malam mak ayah dtg bangi hantar kt aku. Thanks ayah!
Lega sikit, tkpayah susah susah pegi rumah tok ketua teras jernang. Pheww.

Doakan loan MARA aku lulus cepat, and berjalan lancar. Cepat sikit aku dpt duit. Kesian pulak mak tiap tiap minggu bagi aku duit belanja RM100. Dh tu tk berlebih, mesti habis. Hahaha tau jelah kan fira boros mcm mana. First sem dh lah mak tanggung sepenuhnya, yuran kolej dh lah RM4000. Tapi alhamdulillah mak mampu bayar, and at least result aku utk sem lps cukup buat dia happy. Berbaloi lah dia berhabis utk aku. Love you mom.

Apa apa pun, aku harap loan tu lulus cepat. Tkde problem apa apa. Harap jgk result aku dpt aku kekalkan yg terbaik sampai aku grad, insyaallah Amin! Oh and and, loan MARA tk jd biasiswa sepenuhnya. Cuma kita just bayar berapa percent je, depends on result. I mean CGPA. Hmm.

Shopaholic, am I?

I've been craving for some new shoes lately, gotta change my style since I've just bought new pants. They are jeggings! Yes I'm totally crazy with jeggings right now since  most of my skinny jeans arent tight anymore, which is I dont like. You can view them here House of Leggings, which is I found on google. Talking about new shoes, I've been dreaming to have vans era and mary jane flat shoes. Omg I'm sooooo in love with mary jane lately. Its a flat shoe but with strap on it. Kinda cute, I love! I've search for them on google, I've found a blogshop which is selling them, its fucking cute kay? Its from Coco Goddess. But the price is not reasonable I think, because its much cheaper out there, but I dont know where can I find those mary jane just like in the blogshop, in shopping mall. Anyone knows? 
 I gotta find them somewhere cause one of my friend had this kind of shoes and she bought it from Vincci if I'm not mistaken but its a long time ago.Its hard to find this kind of flat nowadays, because I love flat shoes with strap, it looks very cute you know. Fika had this mary jane, and I'm envy with her. Fika, if you read this please tell me where did you buy kay? Sbb I tk ingat blog yg you bg tuuuu. 

I've been spending cash lately but there are still a few amounts in my account. I'm applying for MARA loan, which is they will give allowance every month, RM600+ with RM3000+ for college fees.  Thank god I didnt apply for ptptn, which is now, we cant convert from ptptn to MARA even if our GPA is good enough for MARA loan. And you know what? If you grad with 1st class, I dont know how to say but I know its about "1st class", the loan will be converted to scholarship. Yeahh, I will make sure that I will get them as  a scholarship. Amin amin amin!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You know I miss you

My baby shooo cute! Miss you :(

You know I love you satan

If there's a will then there's a way

I'm currently at McD sec 8, bndr baru bangi with my four close friends. Today is our third day in 2nd semester. Just now, we had marketing with madam marliza and you know what? There were so many rules.

  • Wear makeup
  • wear high heels
  • No wedges sandal
  • Bertudung digalakkan -.-
  • Kemeja lengan panjang
  • Seluar slack mesti loose
  •  Late more than the 1st 15 minutes, cant sign on the attendance
  • Buat hal, carrymark potong
  • Lelaki mesti rambut pendek
  • Andddd, duhh I cant remember
But she's quite strict. She said we are doing marketing, on how to sell our product so we have to be neat and attractive. You know what? I dislike makeup -.- I'm loyal with my eyeliner, I wear it everywhere I go. Masa kerja bonita pun jarang makeup even disuruh makeup. Gatal lah muka bila pakai foundation dgn blusher. Lipstick apatah lagi. Geli je nk jilat bibir, lpstu ckp mesti tercontrol control. Belum apa apa dia dh ckp yg marketing ni killer subject.

And and andddd, I dont even have one high heels, like seriously, I dislike high heels. I dont feel its comfy to wear. But she said, she wants to train us from now. Thank you madam! :)

I will try my best to get A for this subject even she told us that most of student got only PASS, jarang dapat A. But I wish I can make a record, to get A for this killer subject. Amin! 

Semalam pun belajar microeconomics, bole tahan gak tough. Tp aku ada basic, ekonomi asas kan, so bole apply sikit lah. Sama je cuma now in English, tu je bezanya. I wish I can get Dean's List for the second time, amin amin amin!!
Nothing is impossible kan, cause if there's a will then there's a way :)

Monday, January 10, 2011


Oh hahaha aku ada benda nk story sbnrnya. Harini tktau bala apa yg dh menimpa kitaorg tp Aa'aa dgn nurul mmg tkde rezeki nk minum air nescafe ais dgn bandung mereka. Td aku lapar sgt so aku ajak diaorg beli makanan awal, so dlm 7.30 kitaorg turun pegi cafe hostel. Then balik bilik Aa'aa pegi gantung bandung dia dkt almari, bukan main tinggi lagi paku tu, then nurul ckp nanti jatuh weh, tinggi sgt. Aa'aa ckp, tkpe kejap je. Then Aa'aa nk bukak almari dia, lupa air dkt atas tu so pedepuppp, malang berbau taik, air tu jatuh ke bawah and kebetulan lah aku dh gerak sikit ke depan kalau tk mmg air tu jatuh tepat atas kepala aku, bersyampukan bandung ais lah rambut aku. Tp thank god, tk kena. Hahahaha. Then Aa'aa amik mop, mop lah satu bilik alang alang. Aku pulak pegi mandi.

Then dh ready nk makan, nurul letak air dia dlm mangkuk dia yg BESAR lah sgt tu kan. Then secara tiba tiba Aa'aa menjerit, ruoanya nescafe nurul dh jatuh menyembah lantai bilik A366 tu. Sumpah kelakar kay? And untuk kali kedua bilik kami di-mop oleh nurul afiqah mazlan. Mmg tkde rezeki lah kan, nk buat mcm mana. Entah bala apa entah harini, dua dua air jatuh. Haha. 

Kelas harini boring sgt, tp aku tk nampak pulak budak section 24 dulu. Rindu dkt bdk bdk kelas dulu. Paling ramai aku tk nampak bdk lelaki lah. Nazrin aka Torres, dh pindah UiTM jengka, sama pulak course dgn dau dh siap geng dh. Dulu dia gak yg kerek masa torres comment aku kt fb. Masa tu baru je berapa minggu start kelas, aku add torres, then masa dia approve tu aku tk on. Torres post kt wall aku, Ni budak kelas aku ni. Dau ckp "Ni sape ni? Asal nk ckp, Ni bdk kelas aku ni. Mcm tu i pun bole comment, ni awek aku ni" Hahaha kelakar gila dau time tu. Sekaranggg, heh bukan main kamceng lg wehh! Aku happy lah :)
Bdk bdk lain mcm syafiq aka comel, dh quit and kerja dkt JB, ganu aku tk nampak, faris aka gedang dh masuk poli, zainuddin aka bobok haritu register ada now tk nampak pulak. Yg lain, aku tktau ke mana. Berapa kerat je yg ada. 
Tp tkpelah, even aku tkde gmbr dgn diaorg semua, kenangan sem 1 tetap kenangan paling best dkt sini. Mmg semua masuk air lah, best sgt. 
Kenangan terindah lah wehh :)) Goodnight.

You are my only one

I' m currently at my room now, at Desa Siswa KPTM Bangi. Today is my first day for 2nd semester, I'm in section 12 with four of my close friends and you know what? This section is not the best for me, its boring cause we were all acted like strangers. Org melayu ckp, berpuak puak tahu? Dh kata kami berlima je dr section 24 and yg lain tu previous sem sama kelas, tk berpuak pulak? Mcm tk ngam ahh. Tp peduli apa kan? Selagi kau tk kacau hidup aku, cukup. 
Okay harini ada volleyball, statistics and english. Volleyball with our old lecturer, miss Lyly. Statistics with new lecturer, madam nurulhuda while english lecturer didnt come. Statistics was just an introduction, I think its quite hard but if there's a will, there's a way lah kan? Mesti bole lah kalau focus :) 
Esok ada account with our old lecturer, miss rosdiana yeayy :D And then we have Islamic studies, dengar kata ustazah watini garang. Entahlah, just wait and see jelah. 
Skrg ni tgh geram, wi-fi dkt hostel tk dpt connect. Tinggi sgt ke bilik aku sampai tk dpt? :O Terpaksa pinjam bilik sebelah punya broadband. Thanks lah weh :) 
Aku harap classmate semua bole ngam lah lama sikit, boring lah mcm skrg ni. Tk minat kay puak puak.

Hmm aku dgn dau okay je cuma he's quite busy these days, I dont mind cause I'm a student too so I know how his condition right now so chill jelah kan? Cant wait to see him, have been missing him, not lately but all the time. Long distance relationship is quite okay with me, wish he's doing good over there. Hmm.
Honesty is the best policy :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Too good to be true

I'm home, yeayy! Yesterday's registration was tiring, like seriously. It took about 4 hours, just for registration. Like wtf kan? Sampai je dh pukul 10. Gerak pukul 9, jam pulak dkt BTS, dh buang masa pulak. Tu yg sampai lambat -.- Tunggu pulak nurul dgn aa'aa, nk sama bilik punya pasal kan. Hmm. Sampai kt kaunter asrama, bukan main pack lagi haa. Moron -.- After that, we took our result slip, got this sign, that sign and then around 2 o'clock baru lah settle semua, tk ke 4 jam tu? Apa lagi, terus ahh shoot asrama. Dpt pulak bilik A366, dulu bilik A367. A366 ni dulu bilik Nor, Kyra dgn Ada. Ingatkan dpt blok belakang, tk pun cuak gak dpt tingkat 4. Fuhh, thank God. And now, I'm home. Dr tengahari jalan jalan kt mid dgn room mate, cari jeggings tk jumpa, yg ada pun tk lawa, tk fit, tk suka kay -.- Beli baju je at last. Sakit dh bahu, carry laptop all the time tauu. Haihh. Naik pulak ktm, org push bagai nk gila, nsb baik aku dpn pintu, dh tu senang lah keluar haa. Isnin ni start kelas, and td baca kt fb, section 12 tu byk budak section ** sem1 dulu. Mak aihh, mampos. Doa doa lah, streaming balik. Biarlah dpt class ikut gred. Amin!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dont you know

So I just got my salary last Saturday. Last night, I bought two large pizzas for my family, Peperoni delight and super supreme. I've been craving for pizza for a long time, thank god I got it. Hehehe. I've been missing AFS lately, so happy I video called him just now, so happy seeing his smile, sooo cute! I'll be back to Bangi on the day after tomorrow, cant wait. Long semester break just make our day boring, and you'll get bored when you dont know what to do so, the end of semester break is the only thing that makes you happy. I dont know if you dont, but I do. Cant wait to start study, cant wait to meet the new lecturers, freshie hehhehe :D I just realised that I love study, I love making notes, I love writing, I love Maths, I love books, I love revision, I love mind map, I love calculator, I love tests, I love exam when I walked into college life. I'm happy for this change, I'm happy for myself. I'm happy for being a college student. So yeayy me!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

19th birthday wish list

I want my cute baby boy

I want monayhhh so I can go shopping
Sony xperia x10 mini, can somebody buy this for me? :D
Vans Era, I heart this shoes