Thursday, January 20, 2011

The final year to be a teen

Well, I'm counting days for my 19th birthday. I guess what will happen on my birthday? Hmm. Told ya, I've never get birthday gift from a crush or a secret admirer. I wonder how lucky I am if I get a gift, special gift from a secret admirer. I've never had secret admirer, I think so. Hahah silly me, mana nk tau kan dh kata pun secret admirer :P How many people will remember my birth date and wish me on that time? I'm still wondering. There is still have 2 days before the day. I've never celebrated my birthday, I mean held a birthday party and so on. But still, there are my friends and family beside me, with their thoughts, its enough for me. For the first time I celebrate my birthday, my 18th birthday which is with AFS and bestfriends ♥♥ Thanks babies! For this year, I wonder how am I going to be this saturday? Who will wish me? Who will make a surprise? Who will call me just to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me? Who will give a present? Who will buy a cake? Who will this and who will that, blablabla. Since AFS is not here. Hmm.

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