Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If there's a will then there's a way

I'm currently at McD sec 8, bndr baru bangi with my four close friends. Today is our third day in 2nd semester. Just now, we had marketing with madam marliza and you know what? There were so many rules.

  • Wear makeup
  • wear high heels
  • No wedges sandal
  • Bertudung digalakkan -.-
  • Kemeja lengan panjang
  • Seluar slack mesti loose
  •  Late more than the 1st 15 minutes, cant sign on the attendance
  • Buat hal, carrymark potong
  • Lelaki mesti rambut pendek
  • Andddd, duhh I cant remember
But she's quite strict. She said we are doing marketing, on how to sell our product so we have to be neat and attractive. You know what? I dislike makeup -.- I'm loyal with my eyeliner, I wear it everywhere I go. Masa kerja bonita pun jarang makeup even disuruh makeup. Gatal lah muka bila pakai foundation dgn blusher. Lipstick apatah lagi. Geli je nk jilat bibir, lpstu ckp mesti tercontrol control. Belum apa apa dia dh ckp yg marketing ni killer subject.

And and andddd, I dont even have one high heels, like seriously, I dislike high heels. I dont feel its comfy to wear. But she said, she wants to train us from now. Thank you madam! :)

I will try my best to get A for this subject even she told us that most of student got only PASS, jarang dapat A. But I wish I can make a record, to get A for this killer subject. Amin! 

Semalam pun belajar microeconomics, bole tahan gak tough. Tp aku ada basic, ekonomi asas kan, so bole apply sikit lah. Sama je cuma now in English, tu je bezanya. I wish I can get Dean's List for the second time, amin amin amin!!
Nothing is impossible kan, cause if there's a will then there's a way :)

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