Monday, January 31, 2011

Nothing is impossible

Just now, I viewed my old friend's profile on FB, Sarah Shamira. She just got married! I was like, OMG are you serious?! :O
Cant believe she got married at 19 years old. She is my former classmate when I was in standard 1 until 5 (1999-2003). We were in SK Taman Muda, Ampang. If you are a fan of malay drama, I mean if you have ever watch a malay drama in 2002, the title is Seutuh Kudrat Talian Kasih, Sarah played the main character in the drama, a syndrome kids named Mariam. Most of people remembered this drama, it was a really touching and sad drama. Credits to Sarah. Congratulations friend, for your marriage :) 

Bila lah nk sampai jodoh aku pulak, haha belajar pun tk habis lagi :P

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