Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shopaholic, am I?

I've been craving for some new shoes lately, gotta change my style since I've just bought new pants. They are jeggings! Yes I'm totally crazy with jeggings right now since  most of my skinny jeans arent tight anymore, which is I dont like. You can view them here House of Leggings, which is I found on google. Talking about new shoes, I've been dreaming to have vans era and mary jane flat shoes. Omg I'm sooooo in love with mary jane lately. Its a flat shoe but with strap on it. Kinda cute, I love! I've search for them on google, I've found a blogshop which is selling them, its fucking cute kay? Its from Coco Goddess. But the price is not reasonable I think, because its much cheaper out there, but I dont know where can I find those mary jane just like in the blogshop, in shopping mall. Anyone knows? 
 I gotta find them somewhere cause one of my friend had this kind of shoes and she bought it from Vincci if I'm not mistaken but its a long time ago.Its hard to find this kind of flat nowadays, because I love flat shoes with strap, it looks very cute you know. Fika had this mary jane, and I'm envy with her. Fika, if you read this please tell me where did you buy kay? Sbb I tk ingat blog yg you bg tuuuu. 

I've been spending cash lately but there are still a few amounts in my account. I'm applying for MARA loan, which is they will give allowance every month, RM600+ with RM3000+ for college fees.  Thank god I didnt apply for ptptn, which is now, we cant convert from ptptn to MARA even if our GPA is good enough for MARA loan. And you know what? If you grad with 1st class, I dont know how to say but I know its about "1st class", the loan will be converted to scholarship. Yeahh, I will make sure that I will get them as  a scholarship. Amin amin amin!

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