Monday, January 24, 2011

Thanks for the wishes and thoughts ♥

I'm currently at the hostel. Kinda doing the assignment but decided to update my blog first. My birthday was boring, nothing special happened on that day. For facebookers, thanks for the wishes and thoughts. There are about 180+ wishes on my wall. I have to admit it, this year's birthday was not as fun as last year's. I admit, I've never get birthday gift like, the very special one. I know AFS's gift was the best and the celebration was awesome. But still, I dont get any from my parents. Its okay, I know they've sacrifice alot. Thanks to them For this year, I just got a Zara shirt from my brother and his fiance. But thennn, I AM STILL CRAVING FOR CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM CAKE like ohmyyyy :s
I didnt get it for last year and now, I still want it no matter what. Chocolate ice cream is to die for. I used to get it before, for every year. And that has been an ages ago. Cant you see how I'm craving for it right now? 

I'm bored like hell, since I cant call or text AFS. His phone fell into maggi. Yeah, laugh out loud. Thank you -,- 
My assignment is waiting for me so I think I better off now. So yeah, see you guys later. 


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