Monday, January 10, 2011

You are my only one

I' m currently at my room now, at Desa Siswa KPTM Bangi. Today is my first day for 2nd semester, I'm in section 12 with four of my close friends and you know what? This section is not the best for me, its boring cause we were all acted like strangers. Org melayu ckp, berpuak puak tahu? Dh kata kami berlima je dr section 24 and yg lain tu previous sem sama kelas, tk berpuak pulak? Mcm tk ngam ahh. Tp peduli apa kan? Selagi kau tk kacau hidup aku, cukup. 
Okay harini ada volleyball, statistics and english. Volleyball with our old lecturer, miss Lyly. Statistics with new lecturer, madam nurulhuda while english lecturer didnt come. Statistics was just an introduction, I think its quite hard but if there's a will, there's a way lah kan? Mesti bole lah kalau focus :) 
Esok ada account with our old lecturer, miss rosdiana yeayy :D And then we have Islamic studies, dengar kata ustazah watini garang. Entahlah, just wait and see jelah. 
Skrg ni tgh geram, wi-fi dkt hostel tk dpt connect. Tinggi sgt ke bilik aku sampai tk dpt? :O Terpaksa pinjam bilik sebelah punya broadband. Thanks lah weh :) 
Aku harap classmate semua bole ngam lah lama sikit, boring lah mcm skrg ni. Tk minat kay puak puak.

Hmm aku dgn dau okay je cuma he's quite busy these days, I dont mind cause I'm a student too so I know how his condition right now so chill jelah kan? Cant wait to see him, have been missing him, not lately but all the time. Long distance relationship is quite okay with me, wish he's doing good over there. Hmm.
Honesty is the best policy :)

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